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Skin Preparation for your Wedding Day

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Photography by Mark Kirby 

My moto is… is only as good as the skin you’re putting it on.

Healthy skin will help your makeup glide on easier and enhance your finished look. Whenever I’m meeting a client for the first time, whether it’s a bride to be or the CEO of a corporation we will inevitably start our conversations with skin care and daily skin care routine’s. Makeup and skin care go hand in hand and your makeup artist should cover this with you at your appointment.

Many of my brides want to make changes to their skin care routine a week or two prior to their wedding day – this is a no-no. I know you’re thinking it might be a good idea but believe me, it won’t be!

Below I’ve listed the most popular questions I get asked at my trials about skin care and the timing of skin care routines prior to a wedding day. I hope you find it helpful in your wedding day preparations.

Dermatologists – if you are having skin issues that require visiting a dermatologist, I suggest you start this 4 -6 months ahead of your wedding date. Truly, the earlier you start your skin care routine with a dermatologist the better. There may be certain prescribed products that could seriously affect the way makeup looks on you – you want to be sure of this long before your wedding day comes and adjust products accordingly so your results will be exactly what you want come the big day.

Facials – I believe regular facials are vital in ensuring your skin is always in tip top shape. A regular routine of monthly facials will work wonders on your skin! Start a regular routine of facials up to 6 months ahead of your wedding (or sooner if possible). Watch how your skin reacts after your facial. You may find you have some redness for a day or two afterwards and this will help determine how far in advance you should receive your facial before your wedding day.

If you aren’t able to start a regular routine of facials that far in advance, don’t worry! A spa day is always a good idea before your wedding (a little pampering is a must before the big day!). Just be sure you have your facial approximately a week ahead of your wedding day – this will provide your skin time to adjust to any redness or irritations you may have immediately afterwards. These are my favourite Spa’s in Toronto – give them a try!
La Dira MediSpa and The Elmwood Spa

Eyebrow and Lip waxing/Threading – A perfectly arched eyebrow takes you from ordinary to extraordinary! Good eyebrows frame your face and help make your eyes pop! Your makeup artist will be thrilled to see full arched eyebrows (trust me, we all love good brows!) and just watch how amazing your eyes look after your makeup is properly applied. Incredible….
Any type of waxing or threading should be no later than 3 days before your wedding day to ensure your skin has time to calm and neutralize itself.

Take my advice ladies. Please put the tweezers down. Back away. Now call a professional.
If you’re downtown Toronto why not try The Brow House

Moisturizers and creams – If you have been using the same moisturizer for years and your trial is only a few weeks before your wedding please do not change your brand or your routine. If you want to make changes to your moisturizers and creams please do so 2- 3 months ahead of your wedding day. Often times changing your creams can cause your skin to react and not always in the most positive way. Stick to what works for you and your skin will be happy!

Skin bleaching – Some of my ethnic brides opt for skin bleaching before their wedding. If you choose to do this, please consider lightening only the area’s on your face that are darkest. For example, if you have dark freckles or unsightly sun spots that you want lightened, only lighten the spot itself and not around the spot. If you choose to lighten all over your face be sure you don’t lighten your face to the point where your face and body are 2 different colours. Remember that once you stop using these products, your dark spots will return so it’s important to keep it up and play with the cream until you learn what works for your skin best. Start doing this several months before your wedding day to ensure your skin is exactly how you want it for your wedding day.

Water – I leave this to the end because I think it’s probably the most important thing you can do for your skin. I tell every one of my brides, drink water. Drink plenty of water.
8 glasses a day is good and the sooner you start this routine the better your skin will look. I also recommend (if it’s possible) not to drink any alcohol the day before the wedding or the day of the wedding. Instead, drink water! Alcohol can sometimes make your eyes puffy and too much alcohol can give the skin a dull look.

So ladies…..put your tweezers down and drink lots of water! Then give me a call!
If you have any natural skin remedies that you would like to share please include them in your comments at the end of this blog. My followers and I would love to hear them!
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