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Newly Engaged Couples ~ What’s next?

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Hi and happy holiday to all!  I know many of you have been lucky enough to have gotten engaged over the holidays and there is no time like the present to start organizing and collecting the information you’ll require over the next months. Congratulations to you all! This is a wonderful and exciting time for you and your fiance. : )

Because this blog is all about bridal beauty and all things beautiful – I thought I would compile a list of tasks that you may need to start to think about before long.

  • Begin by planning out a regular skin and hair care routine over the next few months. That may involve starting regular facials, growing out your eyebrows or growing your hair.
  • Imagine what you want to look like on your wedding day and then start collecting pictures and clips from bridal/fashion magazines. Create a collage of looks and colours until you finally achieve the look you really, really want.
  • Consider what your budget will be for makeup and hair. The one thing I always find puzzling are brides who purchase gowns and hire photographers that together are worth several thousand dollars and then object at spending a few hundred dollars on their wedding day beauty. Your complete bridal look will only be complete once your makeup and hair expectations are met, not to mention your photo’s will look “spot on” with the right professional products and the correct professional using them on you. Be sure and incorporate your bridal beauty into your wedding budget early on so that it doesn’t become a last minute consideration.
  • Set off by contacting makeup artists and hair stylists once you have a good idea of the look you desire. Begin by sifting through websites and match the makeup/hair artist’s work with the collage of images you’ve collected. This will take some time – but the effort will be worth it. The easiest way to sift through all the makeup artists and hair stylists is to concentrate on websites that you find are easy to maneuver and the ones where you really like the artist’s work. You should feel completely at ease contacting a makeup artist and/or a hair stylist. Go ahead and ask as many questions as necessary until you feel comfortable and satisfied with the answers.
  • Book your trial and your wedding day early. Even if your wedding isn’t for some time book your favourite artist early. I always feel terrible when I have turn down a bride who wants to hire me because I’m already booked for their wedding day. You don’t want to take that chance yourself. Remember, this is why you planned and organized yourself so well to begin with – so you wouldn’t be disappointed and stressed!

Last but not least….relax and enjoy the process ahead. It’s truly the best time of your life and the one day where it’s all about you! As the next few months pass, I hope to be able to provide you with even more helpful information so that your bridal beauty dreams become your reality!

Until next time ladies……..Addio, Shalom, Ade, Ja ne, Ahoj, Viszlát and Goodbye! (did I mention I’m a multi-ethnic makeup/hair artist?) ; ))

Beautiful bride Rachel and her gorgeous bridesmaids in Uxbridge, Ontario
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