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Destination Weddings – Bridal Makeup and Hair

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Photographer: Mark Fiddian
Models: Alex Wilcox and Stacey Fenton
Makeup/Hair/Grooming Vicki Millar

I’ve been receiving a few phone calls in the past couple of weeks from brides who are getting married at very incredible destinations. Each one of my phone calls had the bride asking me for options/suggestions for their bridal makeup and hair. I like offering options to brides or any client’s who come to me with questions or struggles and this is when I had a brain wave! I figured I would write my blog entry this week about destination bridal makeup and hair and provide some options to the lucky ladies who are getting married in exotic faraway places! I hope it helps!

Thinking this over…

In some cases it is more economical to find a good makeup and hair person in the location where you’ll be getting married but in some cases this isn’t possible or can be very difficult. For example, some of my inquiries have been from brides getting married in Cuba. Wanting to help, I started doing some research. I found it’s not easy to find someone in Cuba to do this – especially when you’re looking on the internet from North America!

In the case where the bride is looking to bring someone local with her for the vacation, I suggest you work out an agreement with your chosen artist. It’s always important to understand the details of whoever you hire, such as what’s expected, how many faces will be worked on etc., but it’s even more important when planning your destination wedding to be very clear on all details. The most important thing would be to have a contract drawn up between yourself and your makeup/hair artist and be certain it’s completely clear what’s expected from both sides. An agreed, written and signed contract will lessen the chances of misunderstandings and you’ll both be on the same page.  The less stress you feel on your wedding day, the more fun you will have!

Photographer James Ogilivie
Model Kelleth Cuthbert

Another option for destination brides is to look into makeup and/or hair lessons so that you’re comfortable doing your own makeup on your wedding day. You could take a series of makeup and/or hair lessons to learn everything you need to know about what your best makeup choices are, how to apply your makeup, hair styles that will work within the climate you’ll be in, etc. Ask around and see if you can hire a makeup artist who would be willing to teach a group so that you can include your wedding party in the lessons. Focus on hiring a professional who can teach you everything you need to know to make your wedding day perfect!

Last but not least, consider hiring a destination wedding planner. They will likely know how to answer all your questions about your destination wedding and that should also include some recommendations on valued makeup and hair people.
I truly believe with the right planning anyone can have an amazing destination wedding!  Congratulations to all those who are getting married this year in an exotic place!

Beautiful brides Fran and Susanna

Next week I’m starting something extra special! I will begin interviewing professional wedding vendors who are specialists in their chosen field. Starting next week I’ll be sharing an interview I had with an impressive Toronto wedding photographer called James Pate.  Stay tuned!

This will be a new event that will occur every 6 -8 weeks. My interviews will be detailed and hopefully help in your overall wedding planning stages. See you soon!
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