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Freelance Professional Makeup Artists Vs. Retail Counter Makeup Artists

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Is there a difference between a retail counter makeup artist and a freelance makeup artist? As a bride, which choice is the best for you? Let’s review the facts below.

Fact 1: Freelance makeup artists work independently from any one particular company therefore they offer an unbiased approach when acquiring makeup products for their kits. How does this benefit you? Here’s how. …freelance makeup artists have access to hundreds if not thousands of different products and stock their kits with products they know will work from their own experience. They are not committed to carrying just one brand as a retail counter makeup artist does so therefore can offer their clients the best products possible on the market today.

Fact 2: Almost anyone these days can call themselves a freelance makeup artist and each large city is flooded with numerous so-called “professional makeup artists.” As a consumer it can be overwhelming trying to sort through the high quality freelance makeup artists from the second rate freelance makeup artists. A retail counter makeup artist can provide an easier alternative to those brides who feel inundated with too many options.

Fact 3: A freelance makeup artist is often mobile and able to come to you directly for your wedding day providing you the luxury of a very personal experience. You can still be in your PJ’s sipping champagne while he/she works on you. You can also have a private makeup trial beforehand to ensure you love your look.  There are many advantages to choosing a “freelance makeup artist.” They will be committed to you and what your needs are whereas a retail counter makeup artist is committed to his/her boss, selling product and the company itself and not to you alone.

Fact 4: Because freelance makeup artists provide a personalised mobile luxury service and offer the top professional makeup products on the market they are almost always more expensive than a retail counter makeup artist will be. This makes sense when you consider a “freelancer” in any business understands all the factors of running a thriving business, including their costs. In some cases, a bride simply can’t afford a freelance makeup artist on their big day and a retail counter makeup artist works better for their budget.

Fact 5: A freelance makeup artist is not in front of you to sell you makeup. They are there to make you look gorgeous. Period. As mentioned above, freelance makeup artists are unbiased and carry several different brands of makeup and product in their kit whereas a retail counter makeup artist is there to sell you makeup and use the product on you that they are trying to sell. Some weeks they need to sell one type of product and may be asked to promote it more so it may be that the products used on you aren’t the best “fit.” It’s their job to sell and in order to keep their job they need to do it well. The more you buy from them, the better it is for their career.

My final thoughts…

There is a need for both retail counter makeup artists and freelance makeup artists and both have their advantages and disadvantages in this world. However, for your wedding day, consider what’s really important to you. Are you interested and/or able to run from counter to counter trying to find the right “wedding day makeup look” or would you rather choose one artist who is committed to making your day perfect by giving you the attention you want and deserve.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to you all! Love and much success for 2013! 
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