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Mothers of the Bride/Groom – Look 10 Years Younger With Makeup

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Every week I work with ladies of all ages and the one common thing I hear from brides who are hiring me is their mother or mother in law is concerned about looking too overdone – or having their wrinkles show up more with makeup, etc.  So often a MOB (Mother of the Bride) or MOG (Mother of the Groom) will make a last minute request for a makeup application once they realize how good everyone else in the wedding party is looking.
As many of you know, I always say “less is more” in regards to the amount of makeup you apply as you age however no one said you can’t look glamourous on your daughter’s/son’s wedding day too!  After all, it’s a big day for you as well!
Recently I had the pleasure of making up a 40+ lady who agreed to a ‘before and after shot.’  I have to thank Kathryn for agreeing to this as most women would not – and who could blame them really – but Kathryn was very interested in seeing the difference makeup could make and the years that the right makeup application can take off a woman.   My goal was to take 10 years off Kathryn’s face by using the right skin care and makeup and to bring out her beautiful attributes.
Kathryn’s normal everyday complexion is quite rosy/flushed so I took the time to tame her skin and colour correct it.  Kathryn requested a slightly dramatic look for  her eyes so I made sure I brought out her beautiful green eyes with the right colours.  I also placed some natural looking faux lashes on Kathryn to help pop her eyes even more!
So, next time you mom’s think you have to be worried you might look overdone – remember this.  Ask for what you want, hire the right makeup artist, put your trust in him/her and you too can look stunning on the big day – no matter what your age is!
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