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Skin Care Tips for 20-Something Brides

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Are you getting married in 2013 and are 20-something?  Below are my 5 Top Tips for getting your skin looking “picture perfect” ready for your big day!
Tip 1:  Facials
If you haven’t started a regular routine of getting facials, now is the time to start.  You want your skin to be in the best shape possible for your wedding day and regular facials with good continued skin maintenance is the first step in achieving glowing radiant skin on your wedding day.  The sooner you start, the sooner you will start to see results.
If cost is a concern for you try googling homemade facial mask recipes and try some out at home for yourself!
Tip 2:  Dry Brush
It’s not only your face that will be on display on your wedding day, the skin on your body needs to look beautiful too.  Dry brushing is amazing for your skin.  It exfoliates and circulates leaving a healthy glow. I’m a big fan of dry brushing! I suggest dry brushing before you shower or bath.  Begin brushing your skin in circular motions starting at your feet and move your way up to your dĆ©colletage area, then jump in the shower/bath.  After you come out of the shower/bath use a shower oil or cream moisturizer.  Just like new!  Beautiful, soft, glowing skin!  I brush 3x a week but you should begin with once a week and increase slowly to the amount you like per week.
Tip 3:  Drink Coconut Water
Moisturizers are great but they are only working to moisturize the outside of your body.  Drinking coconut water actually helps moisturize your skin from the inside out giving your skin real moisture that topical lotions can’t.  There are so many benefits to drinking coconut water such as weight loss, boosting your immune system and it’s a great cure for a hangover!  (not that I would know anything about that!)  šŸ™‚  When used topically, studies have also shown that coconut water also helps with acne scars.
Tip 4:  Sleep
It sounds so simple doesn’t it?  However getting the right amount of sleep every night makes a big difference in how your skin will look leading up to your wedding day and on your big day.  I know it’s not practical to suggest getting 8 hours of sleep every single night but it is important to make time for relaxation and proper sleep when you can.  It’s a crucial time for you and making time for sleep should be high on your priority list.  I always email my brides before their big day and remind them to get lots of rest!  It makes a huge difference with their skin come the big day.
Tip 5:  Dermatologists  – Your New BFF
If you have been suffering with a skin condition of any kind now is the time to talk to a professional.  The answer to your skin problems could be a visit away and the sooner you start treating it the better the results will be for your wedding day.
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