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Best Gel Eye Liners for Brides

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I spend a quantity of my down time testing different makeup products.  I want to make certain that every product in my kit is there for a purpose and not just taking up space.  It’s a known fact in this industry that makeup artists in general carry loads of product around.  We carry our huge, heavy kits in and out of cars, public transit, bicycles, up and down stairs which is the main cause of back, shoulder and neck pain among many a makeup artist.  Needless to say,  I’m always testing, followed by adding and subtracting products from my kit based on what really truly works and what I absolutely need to carry in order to service my clientele.
My latest issue has been with gel eye liners and not getting the real pay off that I want.
My kit staple for years has been my  MAC gel liners.  Black track has been a solid staple of mine for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always liked the ease of the product however occasionally found it unsuitable for women who have oily eye lids.  Like any pencil, cream or gel it’s important to “set” any/all liners with a powder over top.  (I simply use a similar colour matte shadow over top of the liner and in the case of oily eye lids I like to powder the eyelid before applying any shadow) but every so often, even after doing all this, I found MAC gel liner not standing up the way I wanted it to.   Sometimes running, sometimes flaking which I simply can’t deal with.  I need products that consistently work, no mess, no fuss!
This past month I’ve been testing out Inglot Gel Liners.  This product was actually a recommendation from another fellow makeup artist and boy-oh-boy does this liner stay put!  I’ve been testing the Inglot liners on myself now for about a month and it’s been a very positive test.  I suffer from watery eyes in the winter and found MAC, Bobby Brown and the less expensive Maybelline gel liners would run after awhile leaving me constantly dabbing my eyes for fear I looked like Tammy Faye Bakker!  (yikes!)
These little Inglot babies have gorgeous colour pay off (the #77 black is THE most gorgeous black I’ve ever seen) and its staying power is almost too good to be true.  Taking the product off at the end of the day is a task.  Once this product is on, it’s there to stay which is a  perfect addition to my kit and a wonderful addition for my teary, oily eyed bridal clientele.  Extra big bonus…the product is lightweight too!  🙂  So I’ll be collecting a few more colours, thank you very much!
Words of Wisdom…
* It’s important to note that any gel or cream liner can dry out rather quickly unless you’re very diligent at placing the cap on tightly right after taking the product out of the container…not a big deal but something you should be aware of.*

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