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10 Gorgeous Bridal Hair Accessories for 2014

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How to wear this bridal hair look:  Be sure and balance real or fake flowers with your hairstyle of choice.  Be certain that the flowers you choose compliment your hairstyle…not over power it!

Ornate hair combs or barrettes

How to wear this bridal hair look:  Barrettes or heavier hair accessories should be worn in updos where there is enough texture to withhold the weight of the hair piece.  Hair combs are more versatile and can be worn in half up, half down type styles and/or updo’s.  Be cautious on how heavy your chosen hair piece is as the heavier the piece the more stability (texture and bobby pins) are required to hold it in place all day.

Nature inspired hair jewelry and vintage inspired hair bands
How to wear this bridal hair look:  Nature inspired hair jewelry can be worn with vintage inspired hair styles such as the the image below, while vintage inspired hair bands can be worn in any type of updo or down hairstyles.
Traditional Veil and Bohemian Style Cap/Veil
How to wear this bridal hair look:  The traditional veil suits classic brides and best worn with updos to prevent hair tangling in the veil. Bohemian style cap/veil is a gorgeous alternative to the traditional veil and would suit vintage inspired or bohemian style hair updos.
Bird Cage
How to wear this bridal hair look:  Bird cage veils have been in style for several years now.  Completely practical, stunning show piece with lots of variety for any type of hairstyle or bride.  The bird cage is a great hair accessory for those brides with bob/short hairstyles.

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