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4 Dangerous Skin Care Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Wedding Day

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Stop the madness right now before it’s too late!  I have witnessed many a bride panic stricken over a bad skin care decision made too close to her wedding day and I can tell you from experience, it always causing unnecessary stress, and panic.

Stop stressing and avoid these 4 common skin care mistakes.

  1. Facial waxing

Waxing too close to your wedding day causes all sorts of issues.  The biggest problem with facial waxing after the initial redness and/or swelling dissipates is that a freshly waxed area becomes slick/slippery and very often makeup refuses to  adhere to it.  This bare area on your face looks obvious to anyone looking at you and causing unnecessary stress at a time when you should be sitting back relaxed and being pampered.  Vicki’s tip….I always tell my brides to do waxing no less than 5 days before their wedding.  I would much rather remove a hair here or there than to deal with non adhering issues.

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  1. Chemical peels

Chemical peels burn off dead skin cells. They are a fabulous idea for those women who are looking to regenerate their skin (lessen wrinkles or acne scars) and improve skin texture and uneven skin tone.  A peel is just that.  A layer of your skin flakes off just as it would if you had a bad sunburn.  The results can be incredible HOWEVER…..there is a healing period that needs to be well thought out and having a skin peel close to your wedding day is asking for trouble!  Flaking, itching, sun sensitive, irritated skin is not the look you want to deal with on your big day. If a chemical peel is something you are thinking about talk to your doctor and have him/her recommend the best time frame for your sessions.


  1. Changing skin care products

This is by far the most common mistake I see brides make before their wedding day….changing their skincare routine or their skincare products.  It’s a simple thing that can cause so many issues to your skin such as irritation, breakouts and in 1 case, swelling!  (eyes were swollen up and almost completely shut!)  Vicki’s tip….better the devil you know!  Don’t make any sudden last minute skin care changes.  Stick to what has been working and don’t try anything new until after your wedding.

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4.  Changing your diet too drastically

A juice cleanse might sound like a great idea but not a good idea just before your wedding day!

The build up to your wedding is busy, no big surprise there!  Your average bride will be going out more, eating and drinking differently.  You may try to lose weight before the big day or be like me and ‘stress eats’ when you are nervous/stressed.  Whatever those changes might be, it will show up on your face!  Stay calm.  Be smart about your eating and don’t make any drastic changes to your diet.  Stay away from cleansing of any kind until after your big day!  Removing toxins is a good idea but you don’t want to see those toxins suddenly making an appearance on your face!  Keep drinking your 8 glasses of water a day (increase this if you’re adding more alcohol or caffeine to your diet prior to your wedding day) and stay calm.

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