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9 Stunning Hairstyles for Junior Bridesmaids and Flowergirls

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Check out these cute hairstyle ideas for your Junior Bridesmaids & Flowergirls

You might be surprised to hear this…or maybe not but more often then not, junior bridesmaids and flowergirls come prepared on the wedding day with ideas for their preferred hairstyle.  At first I was surprised by this.  When I was young, my mom pretty much told me how my hair would be styled and I just did what I was told.  (tough life I had, ha, ha!) 😛  But nowadays, I have children as young as 7 or 8 sitting in my chair telling me exactly what style they are looking for!  It’s pretty impressive. I guess with social media and kids in general being fed so much information daily it isn’t surprising they are that much more aware of different styles and are able to make many of these decisions on their own.

This post is for those brides wanting to have a little input into that decision!  Now is the time to check out which styles you would like for your Junior bridesmaids and/or Flowergirls or at the very least provide your little ones with some options.  I find the styles below are very popular with most of the kids I work with.  Hope some of these inspire you as well!

Stunning hairstyle for bridesmaid

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bridesmaids hairstyles

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jr bridesmaids hairstyles

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flowergirl hairstyles

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Junior bridesmaids hairstyle

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junior bridesmaids hairstyle

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Junior Bridesmaids hairstyle ideas

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jr 9 missysuecom

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Bridesmaid hairstyle


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