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Best Long Wearing Lip Stain for Brides: Chanel Wins

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best long wearing lip stain for brides

Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Darling Pink

I, like many a makeup artist have got a few makeup addictions.  They say the first step is to admit it!  😉

So, one of my big makeup addictions is lipstick and long wearing lip stains.  I’m always trying new ones, reading up on new ones and buying new ones to test out.  You should actually see my cosmetic bag!  (maybe I’ll post a picture of it someday) Eek-yikes!  I teach makeup lessons regularly and preach to my clients about keeping your cosmetic bag filled with only quality products that you use, toss the ones you don’t and here I am….keeping hordes of lipsticks and lip stains “just in case I need them some day!”  I have every colour red lip stick and lip stain you can imagine and I rarely sport a red lippy!  But all this addiction comes in handy when it comes to stocking my kit with the best possible products.  (at least this is how I explain my obsession to my hubby!)

Up until very recently I have always loved my Stila all day liquid lipstick and my Stila long wearing lip stain.  Just couldn’t imagine anything being any better.  I could easily get a good 10 hours of wear with one application.  There were 2 things that I didn’t like about them though.  The first being both products eventually gathers into little balls on my lips (in the corners) and no matter how much I moisturize my lips beforehand (which is another obsession of my mine) I would still have to deal with those little balls of colour that gather in the corners of my mouth.  Very unattractive, yet if I kept an eye on my lips throughout the day, this was controllable and I just got used to doing this in order to have the long lasting colour.  The second thing I wasn’t keen on was the dry feeling I got with Stila.  I mean, this is the norm for any long wearing lip stick/stain not just Stila, they just dry the lips out completely but the thing I liked about Stila was the staying power. Pretty darn good indeed.

Last month I’m doing my Christmas shopping and was buying Chanel No. 5 perfume for one of my mothers’ gifts when it occurred to me that I had yet to try Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour.  So, the next step was to buy one!  I bought the colour “Sensual Rose” which is a really pretty rose colour.  It’s a bit of a process to put on (as is any long wearing lip stain because you need to be careful and precise with your technique or you’ll end up looking like a hot mess when it’s done!) but when it’s on and set…..holly smokes!  This baby ain’t moving!  What I love best about this product?  No balling of the colour on my lips, even after 10 hours and it comes with a clear gloss product to be over top of the lip stain.  I call it a clear gloss product because quite frankly, it’s not your ordinary lip gloss.  Once it’s set, the transfer of the gloss itself is minimal.  Meaning, you can drink coffee, wine, etc without the gloss transferring easily which is a perfect option for brides.  No need to worry about your reception line kisses – this product will keep your lips looking luscious, glossy and gorgeous without the mess that many lip sticks and glosses cause.

best long wearing lip stain for brides, chanel wins hands down

Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Sensual Rose

The gloss that comes with the Chanel long wearing lip stain keeps your lips moisturized (which is a big bonus for me) and although the gloss doesn’t last as long as the stain/colour itself it usually gives me about 3 -4 hours before I need to reapply, and that’s only if I want to because the actual lip stain never leaves your lips, period.  Not until you take it off at night before bed and even then, you need to work at removing it!

Price tag wise…well, it’s Chanel.  Need I say more?  I paid just shy of $40.00 for mine which to be honest, after using it for about a month I now feel it’s more than worth the price.  I definitely thought twice about buying it because of the price tag but I’d much rather spend $40.00 on something that gives me this result over the hundreds I’ve spent on others that have disappointed me.

So what does this mean in regards to my pro bridal kit…because that’s a big price tag compared to my Stila’s that run in the low $20.00 range each.  Well, I liked this product so much that I plan on replacing all my Stila’s with Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour.  Now that tells you something!!

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