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Best Bridal Hairstyles for Destination Weddings

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Choosing the best hairstyle for your destination wedding takes planning and good old common sense.

Tis the season for all you fortunate lucky ladies who are getting married somewhere warm and tropical in the next couple of months.  Oh how I envy you.  Did I mention you’re lucky?  Here in Toronto we are right in the midst of our winter season and I’m so over it already!   😕 How much longer until it’s spring??

This month on Beauty for Brides we’ll be posting some information on destination weddings and helping those brides who are looking for some practical advice.  We think finding the right makeup and hair person to assist you on your day is paramount and we’ll cover how you can go about doing this in a post later this month.  But for today we’ll start with some of the best bridal hairstyles for destination weddings taking into consideration that many of you will be travelling to hot, humid and perhaps windy places for your big day and what type of hairstyles would work best in those conditions.  Remember no one knows your hair like you do.  If you have a hair that goes frizzy or curly in the heat/humidy opt for an updo.  Don’t try and outsmart your hair for goodness sake! If there is one thing I try and get across to my summer brides is that very thing.  Make your hairstyle something that is low maintenance so that you can enjoy your day without stressing over your locks!  For those who aren’t able to hire a hair stylist for their destination wedding or are uncertain about if they should trust a stranger to do the job you will find some of our inspiration images have you covered.  Some of these styles are really very obtainable for you to do yourself, with the right products and techniques.  (to be covered this month as well!)

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Vicki Millar is a multiple award winning makeup artist and hair stylist based in Toronto, Canada.
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