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How to Choose the Best Makeup Artist for your Destination Wedding

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5 easy steps in finding the best makeup artist for your destination wedding….

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1.  Ask and you shall receive!

The absolute best way to find the right makeup artist for your destination wedding is to ask others for recommendations.  Ask friends, family members and work colleagues.  It’s that ‘six degrees of separation’ that will come into play here.  You would be surprised at who knows someone who knows someone else who went to the same resort as you did to get married last year and hired an amazing makeup artist for her wedding day.

Another great option is to get in touch with makeup artists that you admire in your own city/surrounding areas and inquire if they know of a good artist they could recommend.  The wedding industry is actually quite small and the good artists all know each other or know of each other from all over the world.  There are dozens of forums where makeup artists meet, talk shop and get to know other artists from all over the world. We compare wedding photos and talk products daily!  There is nothing ultimately better than having a talented local makeup artist recommend another makeup artist from another city.  Makeup artists in general won’t recommend another makeup artist unless they believe the recommendation is a good one.

2.  Hire a destination wedding planner who can recommend makeup artists they work with regularly – ask for at least 2 options and review their portfolio of work

The thing about wedding planners is they network!  They network big time!!  They know or want to know everyone in the wedding industry within their own city/town, etc.  If you spend a little $$ on a good wedding planner they will likely know of at least a couple of good makeup artists they regularly recommend.  Again, like above, they won’t recommend someone who isn’t worthy of the recommendation.

There is one catch to this though!  If you should decide to use the hotel or venue’s event planner he/she will likely only recommend an artist who works for the hotel directly.  Be cautious of this.  The artist may be incredible but they also may be mediocre or in some cases, awful!   The key is to find a wedding planner who is not bias or being paid to recommend certain people from a certain hotel chain.  For this recommendation to work you should hire a wedding planner who is independent of any hotel/venue.

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3.  Ask for a bride makeup trial with more than 1 artist if possible – make the time for these trials, it will be worth it!

If possible try and get more than 1 recommendation and ask to see each of the makeup artists portfolio of work.  Don’t simply go by a recommendation.  See the work yourself.  Spend a couple of hours out of your time before your big day to get a couple of makeup trials and see which artist is your best fit.  If this isn’t possible and you do not have time to do more than 1 trial, try at the very least to get one trial in so that there are no big (unhappy) surprises on your wedding day.  If a trial is completely unreasonable for you due to timing, be very very clear on the style of makeup you would like, including bringing in photos of your preferred makeup look.

4.  Take a private makeup lesson before your destination wedding so that you can do your own makeup and understand which products will work best for you

I actually offer this type of lesson and they are very popular around this time of year.  This is what you need to do.  Find a makeup artist who is experienced in your area and who is experienced with various weather conditions, lighting conditions and makeup for professional photography.  Hire him/her to help you achieve your desired wedding day look.  Ask them to recommend the right products (skin care and makeup) for your skin based on the weather conditions of the country you will be getting married in.  Practice, practice, practice your look before you leave so that you are confident in achieving the look you desire.  In almost all cases, less is more. Keep the techniques simple so that you aren’t stressed out the day of your wedding.

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5.  Have a makeup trial at your home with a local makeup artist and ask the makeup artist to write a list of the products they used at your trial; have a face chart drawn to provide to your other artist

This is another option that I’ve been hired for in the past.  I was hired by a client who was getting in Paris France and she hired me for a full makeup and hair trial about a month before her wedding.  She had already secured and booked a Paris makeup artist for her wedding day but wouldn’t have time to do a trial ahead of time.  At our trial, we took pictures of the look, I wrote down all the products I used and alternatives products that could be used as substitutions.  I completed a full face chart demonstrating the colours and style of makeup my client wanted.  After the wedding was over my client got back in touch with me to say it was a great success and that the artist in France and I had very similar styles so it was a smooth transition between the two of us.  It was an excellent way to give the bride a little reassurance before her big day and a great way for you to be prepared for your destination wedding day.

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