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Get Your Skin in Shape for Your Wedding With Aveeno Fresh Essentials

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Back in November the lovely people from Aveeno sent me some of their fresh essentials products to test out.  I was asked to use the products and give my honest review of them so I figured why not share my findings with all my readers.  First let me say, I love Aveeno products, I love Jennifer Anistan loving Aveeno products 😉 so I agreed wholeheartedly to try them out.  I’ve been asked to try and review other products in the past but I’m actually quite skeptical on product review sites and tend to take what I read with a big grain of salt so I wasn’t in a big rush to take on just any skin care product but Aveeno was one I was more than happy to try out and give my opinion on!

The 3 products sent to me were Aveeno fresh essentials daily exfoliating scrub, fresh essentials daily nourishing moisturizer and fresh essentials hydrating night cream.

Aveeno fresh essentials skin care


fresh essentials aveeno daily exfolliating scrub

So let’s start with the Aveeno fresh essentials daily exfoliating scrub.  Out of the 3 sent to me this was my favourite!  I love a good scruffer/exfoliater and use one regularly (at least twice a week) so I’m used to and love the feeling my skin has after a good exfoliation.  This fresh essentials exfoliating scrub claims to be gentle enough to use daily which I was skeptical about at first.  I often recommend to my bridal clients to build up to a weekly or bi-weekly exfoliation program as I find many of the products and tools on the market can strip the skin and leave it dehydrated if over used.  But, like the trooper I am I went about using this product every morning as directed.  I wet my face, used the product and rinsed.  The scent is very fresh and not overpowering which is important to me and I found my skin to feel very very clean and fresh after each application but still hydrated (I guess it’s been marketed with the right name since I keep using the word ‘fresh’ to describe it!!) 🙂  It’s a perfect scrub for those women who have sensitive skin because it’s gentle and oil free. (although my personal advice would be if you’re new to exfoliating to build up to daily use so perhaps start with 2- 3 times a week and build on that) If you’re gifted with good skin and are used to exfoliating products and love a good scrub, try the product on dry skin first then rinse with water.  (this is how I use it now because I like a good ole scrub!)  The packaging is great, lightweight and easy to store in the shower or bathroom vanity.  Once this product is empty I can assure you I will be buying it because I loved it that much!

aveeno fresh essentials daily nourishing moisturizer

The next product was the Aveeno fresh essentials daily nourishing moisturizer with vitamin A, C and E.  It’s oil free, super light yet still left my 40ish skin very moisturized.  This day cream comes with the added bonus of SPF 30 which we all know is what we need to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun.  What I liked most about this moisturizer?  It’s fresh smelling scent, it’s lightweight feel and how well it works under makeup.  Not all skin creams work well under makeup but this one I had no problem with.  I had absolutely no issue with dry skin during the day which in December and January can be a problem for me so although it was lightweight it obviously did the trick! Would I recommend this to brides?  Yes, for brides wanting to get their skin into shape before the big day this is a wonderfully light cream that does what it claims to do.  I would not recommend using it on your wedding day though because of the SPF.  Sometimes SPF can cause flash back on camera (you can look whiter or blown out when flash photography is used) but this will be a perfect product for every other day of your life.  (think honeymoon, lightweight in feel and in actual weight and great under makeup)

Aveeno fresh essentials hydrating night cream

The last product which was a close second as a favourite of mine was the Aveeno fresh essentials hydrating night cream with vitamins A, C and E.  This is a thicker more luxurious product and is perfect for my skin. Very hydrating without being too heavy, perfect for winter weather abused skin like mine!  I can also see myself using this product in the summer as well because I believe it’s adaptable to the skin meaning it doesn’t overpower or clog your skin with heavy oils.  I would simply use less of it in the summer when my skin is more hydrated and more in the winter when it’s not.  I adored this night cream, from it’s fresh scent to it’s perfect hydration.  Brides with combination, oily or dry skin can use this and will love it!  Will I buy this for myself when the jar is empty?  You betcha!

Thanks Aveeno, thanks Jennifer Anistan and thanks fresh essentials!  I have a new found love on my bathroom vanity now.

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