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The Bridesmaid Who Insists On Doing Her Own Makeup

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The Bridesmaid Who Insists On Doing Her Own Makeup

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There is almost always 1 bridesmaid who says “I’m doing my own makeup!”  From my experience there are usually 3 reasons why this occurs:

  1. The bridesmaid in question has had a very bad experience having their makeup done professionally!

This is probably the most popular of reasons why a bridesmaid will choose to do her own makeup.  She was probably in another wedding a year ago and the makeup artist wasn’t very talented or hygienic or some other incredibly valid reason. This type of bridesmaid I feel really badly for and often end up fitting into our schedule if time permits.  She isn’t being difficult or mean, she just had the worst kind of experience a woman can have with makeup and is what I call a little ‘gun shy.’  Who can blame her?

Vicki’s tip…Show pictures of the makeup that you (the bride) had done at your trial.  Send your bridesmaid links to your makeup artist’s website.  You need to demonstrate to your gun shy bridesmaid that she can trust your judgement when it comes to hiring a high-quality makeup vendor.

bridesmaid who insists on doing own makeup disaster

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  1. The bridesmaid who insists on doing her own makeup and feels she can do her own very well and in fact better than any professional!

This type of bridesmaid can be tough to crack.  I have witnessed times where the ‘lone wolf bridesmaid’ came out of a hotel washroom looking gorgeous because she knew exactly what she was doing.  She knew exactly the type of look the bride wanted and used the right “camera ready” cosmetics to boot!  She usually asks the bride if she likes her makeup and then turns to ask me if she did a good job.  (Why? Because she cares and she wants to make her friend happy on HER day!)  To be perfectly honest, this type of bridesmaid is a rarity.

What usually happens is the bride whispers to me quietly that one of her bridesmaids is doing her own makeup – usually with a worried look on her face – said bridesmaid walks out of the washroom looking quite scary!  The makeup is usually a hot mess and does not work well with all the other bridesmaids makeup.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might realize.

Vicki’s tip….if you know one of your bridesmaids is going to do this to you and you’re concerned, please for the love of all things ‘wedding,’ speak with her BEFORE your big day.  Tell her it’s very important to you that everyone looks elegant and sophisticated on your wedding day.  If worse comes to worse, pay for her makeup application yourself!

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  1. The bridesmaid who hates makeup and is terrified of looking ridiculous!

Another very common bridesmaid issue.  This one is touchy as well because you may be a big time makeup wearer and love all things makeup related and all your other bridesmaids might be big time makeup wearers as well and then you have that one bridesmaid who is sweet and lovely but never wears a stitch of makeup and gives you a dozen reasons why she can’t.  I’ve heard them all…”it makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t look like myself, I feel too made up, I don’t want to look like a clown….etc, etc.”   The thing is, you know you need all your girls to wear makeup.  It doesn’t have to be plastered on but they need to look a certain way if for nothing else, your pictures.  (you know, the ones you’re spending $3,000+ on!)

Vicki’s tip…you need to reassure this type of bridesmaid that you’ve hired someone who will NOT make her feel overdone or clownish so it’s important you find the right balance in your makeup artist.  If your entire wedding party is wearing smoky eyes and heavily contoured cheeks, you might want to tone this idea down for your nervous bridesmaid who never wears makeup and sees it as the enemy!  In this case, be sure you’re hiring a makeup artist that demonstrates both glamorous and elegant clean makeup looks in their portfolio.

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