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Wedding Makeup Looks For Olive Skin

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Are you a bride with an olive skin tone?  Here are our top picks for wedding makeup looks for you.

Olive skin is probably the trickiest of skin tones to work with and that’s because the olive tone itself can come in a variety of shades and can come with various combined undertones.  The majority of olive skin usually has a yellow or green under tone although this isn’t always the case.  I’ve worked with some olive skin brides that have had a pinkish/reddish tone.  I honestly love working on olive skin tones. There is something so satisfying about mixing and matching to get a perfect base for a client who usually has difficulty matching their own skin tone.

Vicki’s tip…For those brides who have olive toned skin be sure and choose a makeup artist who demonstrates images in their portfolio of brides with a similar skin tone to your own.  It’s true any makeup artist worth their salt should be able to match any skin tone but this isn’t always the case I’m afraid.  Remember seeing is believing!

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