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The Clumpy Spider Lash Trend, Is It The Right Choice For Your Wedding Makeup

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Clumpy spider looking lashes are a big trend for 2015!  So much so that some of the cosmetics companies have jumped on the “trend bandwagon” and are selling mascara’s that claim to give you this very trendy look.  Trends come and trends go!  I keep noticing how very few real ‘new’ trends there actually are.  It seems what’s old is new again and given a new name.  The clumpy spider lash look was big in the 60’s and 70’s with Twiggy marking the clumpy spider lash revolution.  (check out the post I wrote predicting Twiggy inspired lashes would be big in 2015)

clumpy spider lash trend for brides

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Now the question today is…is this the right type of look for your wedding day and if yes, how could you incorporate this look into your wedding day makeup?

clumpy spider lash trend for wedding makeup

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First things first.  Are you a trendy fashionable type of bride?  *think Carrie on Sex and the City*  If you answered yes to that question then you most certainly can pull this look off and still maintain a bridal feel.  If you answered no, then keep away from anything too trendy and stick with a classic look.

If you plan on trying the clumpy spider lash look remember that your eyes will be your main focus.  It’s important to do this look right and not to overdo the rest of your makeup.  That means concentrating on clean neutral makeup – face, lips, eye shadow should all be neutral and subtle – then focus on creating bold clumpy spider lashes by applying mega amounts of thick mascara over and over again until you achieve your desired effect.  Don’t be in a rush as this process will take some time.

Vicki’s tip:  This look can be beautiful if done well.  If this is something you want for your wedding makeup I suggest doing either the top lashes in this style or your bottom lashes in this style but not both.  Trends are fun but remember it’s important that you don’t look too “2015ish!”  You want to look current but classic.  Be sure you curl your lashes well before applying your mascara and to get that clumpy look just perfect be sure to use the end of your mascara wand to clump your lashes together while they are still wet.

would you do the clumpy spider lash look on your wedding day

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Are you a soon to be bride who is considering this look?  Would you do the clumpy spider looking lash for your wedding day?  Tell us in the ‘leave a reply/comment’ tab below.

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