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The Number One Question I Get Asked Most From Brides

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The number 1 question I get asked most from brides is “How much do you charge?”

Wow.  What a loaded question! Where to begin?  Do I just blurt it out or should I do what I was taught in business school and “sell” them on the idea of hiring me before giving them my prices? Many wedding vendors, not just bridal beauty vendors find the first question asked by most couples getting married is almost always initially around pricing.

Question brides ask

Photography by Lori Studios | Makeup by Vicki Lea Millar

Here’s the thing I’ve come to learn over the years.  You (the bride) aren’t actually that interested in my prices at first. Shocking isnt’ it?  But it’s true.  Don’t get me wrong, I get the odd bride who literally has found me quickly on the web and then proceeds to call me in a rush – an obvious rush because I’m one of many she plans on calling and grilling about pricing – only to find I’m not a “kijiji” makeup artist giving my talents away for $50.00 so off she goes to the next poor soul to grill them about their pricing.  From my experience, those brides are the exception to the rule and thank goodness for that.

Let’s face it….most brides-to-be do not really want to hire a novice to do their wedding day makeup and hair because most brides-to-be understand hiring the wrong artist can give you disastrous results!

Most soon to be brides who call  or email me are often unsure of what to say initially and start the conversation with “Just wondering what you charge….” in an almost apologetic manner.  In other words, she wants to know:

  1. Am I available on her date?
  2. Do I sound nice?
  3. Am I professional?
  4. Does she feel at ease while we speak or correspond?
  5. Does her gut tell her it’s a good fit?
  6. Do I respond to her questions quickly and answer them in a way she agrees with?
  7. Will I work well with her grumpy mother or her self absorbed sister?
  8. THEN pricing comes into the equation

#8 on the list of priorities…..

Number one question that brides ask

Photography by Rhythm Photography | Vicki Lea Millar Makeup and Hair

So what does this mean?  It doesn’t mean that sticking to your budget isn’t important because we all know it is – we all have to live within our means – but what it does mean is that while you’re looking for the right makeup/hair artist for your wedding day you put your priorities in order.  If pricing is your only concern, you know where to go.  (kijiji, makeup schools, retail cosmetic counters, salons, etc.) If pricing isn’t your first concern, which for most it isn’t, then really think about what is your top priorities are and start researching makeup/hair vendors based on those criteria.  If you follow this advice you WILL NOT make a mistake when picking your bridal beauty vendors.

Next week I’ll cover The Number 1 Thing I Wish Brides WOULD Ask Me!  See you soon!

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Vicki Millar is a multiple award winning makeup artist and hair stylist based in Toronto, Canada.
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