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Online Makeup Lesson: Learn How To Apply Your Own Wedding Makeup

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These days it’s become the ‘norm’ to hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist for your wedding day.  Years ago, this wasn’t quite the case.  Back 20 years ago, it was truly a luxury to have a makeup artist come into your home to glam you up and it was really considered an extravagant indulgence!  Even though today there are hundreds of options when it comes to your bridal beauty there are some brides who still choose to do their own wedding day makeup.  I was one of them!

Online makeup lessons for brides

Yes, I get it…..I knew what I was doing right?  Well, I’m not sure I did back then. 😉  I was married before I opened my makeup/hair business and although I had a passion for this industry and everything makeup related, I wasn’t properly trained at the time nor did I understand photography lighting and I certainly didn’t appreciate the products that would have best suited my very hot September wedding day!  I knew how to apply makeup on myself back then so that I looked good in person yet I had no idea how makeup changed completely in different lighting or how camera’s read makeup differently in various places.  It took years of training/studying to learn how to advance my skills from “doing my own makeup” to “doing makeup on hundreds of clients in front and behind the camera.”  Things have really advanced over the years in regards to makeup and photography and what was acceptable back when I got married, isn’t acceptable today.  So many of my brides are choosing to have HD wedding videos and paying high prices for their wedding day photography so it’s more important than ever before that a brides face look fabulous at all times because if it doesn’t….there will be no hiding from the truth!

So this got me thinking….how can I offer brides-to-be the opportunity to be taught custom tailored makeup application techniques and also educate them on what type of makeup would personally work best for their big day?  Whether they are getting married in Cuba or the Dominican or at their family cottage up north I wanted the ability to teach each bride to be all I possibly could face to face.

So, I’ve decided to start teaching private makeup lessons online where you and I can both ‘see’ and hear each other.  I can now share my expertise with brides from anywhere in the world over the web.  I teach A LOT of private makeup lessons every year.  Being in the Toronto/GTA area makes life easy for those brides who want to learn face to face because I can go directly to them for their bridal lesson but for many others, like many of you reading this now, that isn’t an option for you because you live in another province or another country.  Adding this service to my repertoire will actually help many brides all over the world and the more I thought about this idea, the more excited I got!  Take a look here for more information on my online makeup lessons.

Online makeup lessons by Vicki Lea Millar

Listen ladies, I’m not saying that learning some valuable techniques and becoming more knowledgeable on photography lighting and appropriate placement of products can replace a talented makeup artist on your wedding day.  What I am saying is those brides who choose to do their own wedding makeup for whatever reason should be able to learn from an expert that works in the industry full time and has beautified hundreds of brides over the years.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  I’m sure many of you have gone to the retail market and be shown techniques that don’t work or are based on whatever products that sales person is trying to sell you at the time.   Truth is, those techniques and products may or may not be the best option for you on your wedding day.  It’s simple.  I’m not selling any products, I’m educating you instead.

I’d love to know whether you guys like this idea, hate this idea or have anything you’d like to share with me. Please don’t be shy, comment away!  The more information I get from you, the better service I can provide.  I WILL reply to each public or private comment/message.  Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Vicki Millar is a multiple award winning makeup artist and hair stylist based in Toronto, Canada.
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