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Large Over The Top False Lashes, A Wedding Beauty Faux Pas

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There are some trends from 2015 that I hope die a painful death in 2016!  Brides wearing large over the top false lashes is the one trend that must go away and never return.  If I see one more bride in one more bridal blog with huge honking lashes that aren’t suitable for her eye shape I’m going to scream! 🙄   I’m not sure why the large over the top false lash look became popular but it has no business being any brides eyes, ever.  Now that I’ve said my peace let’s discuss what works and what doesn’t when it comes to wearing false lashes on your big day.

One of the most important reasons for wearing false lashes on your wedding day is to give your eyes more drama and to help them stand out better in photos.  Your wedding day isn’t a night club event so you should think natural, glowing, beautiful, pretty.  Leave the sex symbol look for another night.  😛  To ensure you get the right look you have to find the right shape and correct lash size for your eyes. There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to this.  What might look good for an evening out with your friends might not be the right look on your wedding day.

Let’s look at the example below.  Asian brides in particular need to be extremely careful when choosing false lashes as many on the market can overwhelm Asian eyes leaving them looking top heavy and completely inappropriate.  You will see below that the false lash worn by this woman is far too heavy and long for her delicate features.  Asian eyes often look best in false lashes that widen the eye in the most natural way possible.  My go-to’s for my asian brides are:

Ardell 110 (a very natural look – lashes are longer in the centre helping to give the illusion the eye is larger)

Model Rock 204 (criss cross effect gives a more natural but thicker lash look)

MAC 4 Lash (a bit more dramatic but still suitable for brides)

image from


Unless you’re modelling on a runway or shooting a bridal editorial stay away from false lashes on your bottom lash line.  As ‘quirky’ as it looks it’s simply not suitable for a bride on her wedding day.  It screams trendy and trashy and trying too hard.  Take my advice. Just say no.

image found on One Wed

image found on One Wed

So which false lashes do work best for brides and how do you choose the right look for your eye shape? Well, there is a lot that goes into choosing the right lashes and a good makeup artist will help fit you with the best pair for your eyes.  For those who want to test the waters out for themselves here’s a quick way of figuring out the best false lashes for your eye shape.

Simpy look at your eyelashes with no mascara and no eye makeup on then choose a false lash that gives you a little bit more length and thickness keeping the shape of the false lash similar to your own eye shape. The more natural the false lash looks, the better.  Always trim the lashes to fit your eyes.  You can always add mascara to your false lashes to increase their length and thickness and you can also place individual false lashes in the areas you want to bulk up a little more.  Adding a few individual lashes after you’ve added a strip lash can help open the eyes or give more drama in the areas you want that little extra ‘oomph!’

Always start natural and build until you achieve the look you want.

Tip 1: If your eyes are close together (closer to your nose) choose lashes that start off shorter and extend as they reach the outter part of your eyes.  This will help to elongate your lash line.  False lash option:  Andrea ModLash #16 

Tip 2:  If you have almond shaped eyes the world is your oyster!  You have probably the most variety of false lashes to choose from but be careful not to go overboard.  Remember your goal is to enhance your eyes…not make everyone talk about how long your lashes were on your wedding day!

Here is a select few of my past brides wearing false lashes that looked natural but gave the eye a little ‘pop!’  To see more, pop on over to my bridal gallery.

The correct way to wear false lashes on your wedding day. Makeup and hair by Toronto makeup artist Vicki Millar

Makeup and Hair By Vicki Millar


Close up! Makeup including false lashes applied by Vicki Millar

False lashes that look natural on brides by Vicki Millar

False lashes that look natural on brides by Vicki Millar

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