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Get That English Rose Glow on Your Wedding Day

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english rose glow

Makeup & Hair By Vicki Millar; Photography by Samantha Bauer

There are some bridal makeup looks that are truly timeless and an English rose glow is certainly a very popular look with many brides.  It’s fresh, glowy and classic.  I posted about my English bride, Pippa awhile back.  She was a real sweetie….and perfect for this type of look.  Since then, I’ve had a few more brides ask for an english rose glow based on the makeup look I gave Pippa on her big day.  Today I thought I would share with you the products that made this happen…just in case you’re thinking about having this type of makeup look for your big day too!

  1.  Pippa definitely wanted to be airbrushed.  Not because she knew much about it but because she wanted to feel extra special on her big day….which to be honest, it really did make her feel special! Pippa’s skin in gereral is good but I wanted to be sure her skin was well prepped especially because an English rose glow look starts with gorgeous skin.  So I used an exfoliating facial wipe to begin with just to make sure her skin had a perfect starting point. (my favourite brand is Simple for sensitve skin) I then used a good layer of Embroyllise Lait Creme Concentre and let the product soak into her skin really well.
  2. After her skin was well moisturized I went right into colour correcting under Pippa’s eyes and around her nose area.  Because her skin is very pale and a little thin, I found keeping the colour correcting to a minimum actually made her skin appear more ‘skin like’ and less artifical.  Which is always my goal!  〈Geez, instagram makeup diva’s… should look like skin!〉   😉
  3. I carry a variety of airbrush foundations in my kit but for the skin finish I wanted for Pippa I turned to Temptu airbrush makeup which is a silicone based product so there was no need to add a primer beforehand.  I find Temptu foundations give a dewy/glowy finish to the skin and when I’m looking for a good glowy skin finish, this is what I always reach for.
  4. I set the foundation well at this point using an old fashioned powder puff and Temptu setting powder.
  5. After priming Pippa’s eyelids with Shadow Insurance from Two Faced I used soft browns, rose golds and soft creams shades on her lids.  (MAC Antiqued, Sable, Amber Lights and Rice Paper)
  6. I lined her eyes using Urban Decay Pencil liner in Perversion I tightlined her eyes to give them a little more drama.
  7. Her faux lashes which were Andrea ModLash #21 are my bridal ‘go to’ lashes for many brides because they look natural and give the eyes a little pop without going overboard.
  8. Her brows were done using Senna Brow Powder in Brunette.  I kept the finish light to enhance her eyes and to avoid having her brows become the focus of her face.
  9. Now this is where the real magic starts to happen.  Her cheeks and highlight (strobing) were key to making this a true English Rose Glow makeup look.  I started by using Face Atelier Ultra Sheer in Champagne on the top of the cheekbones and buffing this product gently into the cheek area.  I then used NARS powder blush in Orgasm and lightly buffed that into the apple of the cheek.  I then added 2 different Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in Luminous Light and Mood Light  and buffed those onto the top of her cheekbone. (over top of the Face Atelier liquid product that was now well absorbed into her skin)
  10. On her lips I used Grafobian Classic Rose with a touch of Face Atelier Lip Glaze in Peach.
  11. Finally I set Pippa’s skin with Ben Nye Banana Powder ensuring I only powdered lightly around her T-zone leaving her glow in place.

This look is timeless and classic and stood up well to her all night partying. 😛  Hope this inspired you to create your own English rose glow!

bridal makeup and hair by Vicki Lea

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Vicki Millar is a multiple award winning makeup artist and hair stylist based in Toronto, Canada.
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