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Female Face Shaving; Brides, Is It The Right Choice For You?

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This morning we’re going to chat about something that’s been around for many years!  It’s about women who shave their face.  For years now face shaving is something females have been doing in Japan and Arab countries regularly and it’s not seen as strange or weird but accepted as the ‘norm.’  It’s not a new thing in many parts of the world although with social media getting onboard with female face shaving it’s now become what many in North America would call “a new trend!”  🙂 But listen….it’s not new….the secret has finally just started coming out to us in the Western world.

Here’s a video I found of a woman having her entire face shaved.  (minus the eyebrows)  Even her earlobes were shaved!!

Here’s one of her back getting shaved for her wedding day.

This might come as a shock to you but if you believe the rumours….Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Munroe used to shave their faces along with many other female celebrities in the 50’s.

Elizabeth Taylor was a female who shaved her face

image found on

Now….I’m always honest with you guys and I can tell you that I’ve never shaved my face.  I just can’t get my head around the idea but of course I also don’t suffer with excessive facial hair either. The facial hair I do have I’ve always taken care of with depilatory face creams.  I sometimes will wax or thread my eyebrows but in general, that’s as far as I’ve gone with removing facial hair.

female face shaving done by marilyn munroe

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Those females that do shave their face claim a few things:

  1.  The hair DOES NOT grow in faster, darker or heavier.  All the women claim this is the case so there must be some truth to it.  Here’s a statement I found on shaving from an article written from LS ( published in August 2015) “According to the FDA, shaving won’t alter your hair. It won’t grow back coarser, thicker or darker. Begoun points out that how your hair grows is determined by your genes; nothing you can do to it topically will affect it.”
  2. Your makeup will look better and appear more flawless.  This I believe wholeheartedly!  Because I’m based in North America (Canada) female face shaving isn’t something that many of my clients do and peach fuzz is something I deal with regularly with my clients.  It can be an issue when I’m trying to create a perfect flawless finish to the skin.  In particular I find that when I airbrush some clients who have excessive peach fuzz on their face the air that blows onto the skin actually forces all the little hairs to stand straight up on end!  I correct this when I set the face with powder ensuring I use downward strokes causing all those little hairs to behave themselves again.  But a flawless skin look is pretty impossible with excessive facial hair, no doubt about it.  The smoother the skin of course the better makeup will look.
  3. You should use a facial razor on your face not the razor you use on your legs/underarms!  The top pick I found during my research was: Tinkle
    female face shaving best razor

    image found on

  4. Female face shaving is a great exfoliator. Don’t whatever you do confuse female face shaving to dermaplaning.  One isn’t the same as the other.  Dermaplaning is a procedure that involves removing superficial layers of dead skin cells and is something that should be done in a controlled medispa environment and by a qualified person.  Facial shaving at home provides a mild exfoliant which women claim makes their face feel super smooth and therefore makeup glides on better and the final result is a more flawless look to the skin.

What do you think?  Is this something you do or are considering doing?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Write me below in the comments.  🙂

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