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11 Beautiful Mani-Pedi Ideas For Brides

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I love a good mani/pedi!  My mani-pedi lady here in town can actually put me to sleep.  She’s amazing.

I’ve noticed some of my brides this year are really ‘glamming’ up their fingers and toes so today’s post is purely inspirational based on all the prettiness I’ve been witnessing lately.  Remember your fingers are on display and why not get your toes “honeymoon ready” with a gorgeous pedicure too!  Here are 11 beautiful mani-pedi ideas that any bride will love.  Enjoy. xo

mani pedi etsy

Photo source:

mani pedi

Photo source: Stylecraze


mani pedi 2

Photo source:

mani-pedi ideas for brides

Photo source:

mani pedi 3

Photo source: Pinterest

wedding day mani-pedi ideas for brides

Photo source:

mani pedi 5

Photo source: Weddbook

mani pedi 6

Photo source:

mani pedi 7

Photo source:

mani pedi 8

Photo source:

mani pedi 9

Photo source: Lively

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