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The Day Before Your Wedding: 5 Must Do Beauty Tips

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The Brides Must Do Beauty Tips: 24 Hours Ahead of the Big Day!

1. Find Time For Yourself

It sounds simple right?  Trust me, it’s not.  You will actually need to schedule this time for yourself to simply relax and unwind.  Even if it’s just a mere 15 minutes.  This downtime is necessary and will help you put into focus what’s really important and give you that balance you’ll need for the big day ahead.  For most of my brides, it’s a long soak in the tub but for others it might be 15 minutes of quiet meditation. Whatever it is for you, be sure and find some time to relax the day or night before your wedding day.


2. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

This advice is something I tell all my brides. Caffeine dehydrates, alcohol dehydrates and also causes puffiness under eyes.  If you’re like me and simply can’t do without your morning coffee then by all means, splurge on a small one.  Wash it down with plenty of water afterwards and call it a day!  As for champagne, wine, beer and any other type of liquor….just say no.  You’ll be able to drink that champagne on your big day and 1 day without it won’t hurt you but it will definitely help your skin look it’s best.


3. Drink Water, A Lot of Water!

I feel as though I preach this over and over again in this blog.  😛  I really can’t stress how important drinking water is everyday but in particular the day before your wedding.  Water helps to minimize those dark circles and it plumps the skin up so that you achieve that bridal glow. Remember it takes more than a little highlighter to make your skin glow. Makeup really looks it’s best on healthy well nourished skin.


Beauty for Brides Best 24 Hour Ahead of Wedding Beauty Tips!

4. Apply a Lip Mask 

The one thing I tell my brides at almost every trial.  “Get your lips into good shape!”  My favourite lip mask for achieving this? The Algave Lip Mask from Bite Beauty.  The smoother and more moisturized your lips are the better your lipstick will look and last.  Kissable lips are beautiful!


5. Get as Much Sleep as Possible

For all my past brides who waited until the last minute to decorate the hall or partied too much the night before their wedding….I apologize for what I’m about to say!  🙄

You have planned this day for months if not years so it’s important to sleep well or at least allow your body to rest and relax even if sleep is intermittent due to your nerves.  Turn off your cell phone! (trust me, any major decision can be made tomorrow morning)  Make sure you have clean sheets and a clean pillow case to sleep on and lay down and rest.  Your body will eventually calm itself down and you will get the sleep you need and it will make the world of difference to how you feel and look the next day.  I recommend a calming pillow spray to my brides.  This one is my favourite.


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