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Brides Beware of Instagram Makeup Looks

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My brides almost exclusively want to look like themselves on their wedding day.  Like themselves but the best version of themselves!  This is in my opinion the only way to look on your wedding day!  So when I witness what’s going on right now with Instagram makeup looks and some YouTube ‘makeup guru’s,’ I really have to wonder what makeup has become.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel makeup should be fun and you should be able to experiment and be creative.  I teach a lot of private makeup lessons and online makeup lessons.   The one thing I always tell my clients is to think outside the box and have fun with makeup.  BUT when  I’m talking to brides and recommending makeup styles for their big day I always advise them to look like themselves and not someone else.  Even when I’m teaching brides how to apply a beautiful bridal look on themselves I advise them of the same thing.  No bride should use so much makeup on her wedding day that she ends up looking like she’s wearing a mask! 😯

Wayne Goss Shares Makeup Trends That Need To Die in 2016

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know that I follow a few YouTube makeup artists.   I love hearing about other makeup artists likes and dislikes!  Earlier this year Wayne Goss posted a very funny video of makeup trends that need to die in 2016.  This had me in tears laughing!  I thought you guys might also get a good laugh out of the video.  But in all seriousness Wayne’s video does carry a very important message.

If you’re looking for a makeup artist for your wedding day please avoid the artists that are known to mask their clients with heavy over the top makeup looks.  If you go this route, 10 years from now you’ll look back at your photos and realize what a big mistake it was to look “trendy” on your big day.  Remember what looks good after a few insta-filters have been added isn’t reality.  Hire those over the top artists when you’re going out for an evening or to a party if you must.  Leave the “clown contouring” and “face baking” to the amateurs and stick with gorgeous skin and subtle highlighting for your wedding day.

Enjoy. xo

CAUTION: Wayne will occassionally use bad language and can have a little bit of a potty mouth.  If you’re sensitive to this please don’t view the video.  He’s a riot and it’s all done in fun!


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