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Wedding Spotlight! Cassandre’s Wedding Day and 2 Skin Care Tips

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It’s been awhile since I posted one of my past brides on the blog.  It’s been such a busy year for me wedding wise that I haven’t been following up asking for pictures from my past brides as I normally do but I will be soon!  So all you past brides of mine who have your wedding day pictures now, I’m coming for ya!  😛  I was lucky that Cassandre got in touch with me as soon as she received her photos and happily let me choose my favourites.  😀

Cassandre and her now husband Travers are from Ottawa.  Cassandre’s job is an event planner so dealing with this gorgeous girl was an absolute delight!  She was so well organized and so easy to correspond with. We hit it off right from the get-go!  Our initial face to face meeting was at her trial in March when she and Travers came to Toronto for a weekend.  Because we are both pretty organized people Cassandre’s bridal trial went really smoothly.  I knew even before walking in the door exactly the look she wanted and we nailed it.  By the time her wedding day came around on May 14, 2016 I was really looking forward to seeing Cassandre again and I was able to create an even better look for her by doing a couple little tweaks here and there.

toronto makeup and hair for brides

Wedding makeup artist Vicki Lea

At Cassandre’s trial she was suffering from some problematic skin.  She had various dry patches on her skin that included some breakouts and reddish discolourations around her nose and mouth area.  I got the skin looking pretty good but I knew it could look even better so I suggested 2 things to help her skin improve before the big day. First suggestion I made was for her to start drinking more water.  (yeah, I know you guys are tired of hearing this but you know it works!) I explained to Cassandre how skin can improve even overnight with proper hydration.  The second thing I suggested was for her to start incorporating a mild exfoliator into her weekly skin care routine.

The image below on the left is at Cassandre’s trial.  You can see she is suffering with some breakouts on her cheeks, chin and forehead and she had some dryness around her chin and nose area.  She still looked gorgeous BUT!   The image on the right is a close up of her skin on her wedding day.  Cassandre had gone tanning before her big day which only changed her base colour not the overall condition of her skin.  Because she made a couple of minor changes to her beauty routine, on her wedding day her skin was soft and  luminous.  I was able to use less foundation which gave her skin a much more natural glow rather than an artificial one created with layers of makeup.  All it took was 2 minor changes in her regular beauty routine and her skin improved in a big way.

Cassandre before and after

Cassandre 3

cassandre 2

My associate Jade Truscott and I had a great morning at One King West Hotel beautifying these lovely ladies!

bride and bridesmaid makeup and hair ideas

I loved Cassandre’s gown.  Her style is sophisticated and classic.  Just like the lady herself!  🙂

bride getting ready photo

bridal makeup and hair in toronto

bride and groom pictures

Thanks Cassandre for allowing me to be part of your perfect day! xo

Photo source:  Natalie Spencer Photography

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