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5 Korean Bridal Makeup Trends That Differ From Western Bridal Makeup Trends

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Korean makeup and skin care in the past year.  It’s all the rage in the industry right now and for good reason.  Today’s post is about the subtle and not so subtle differences between korean bridal makeup trends versus western bridal makeup trends.  While doing my research for this article I have to admit I began to fall in love some of the Korean makeup trends and I could see incorporating some of these ideas into my own personal daily makeup routine.

Korean trend: Puppy Eyes – what’s a puppy eye you ask?  Well, it’s simple really.  You line your top lash line by following your natural eye shape downwards.  You then line your bottom line to meet the top line.  This creates a little triangle giving you the appearance of “puppy eyes.”  😉

korean bridal makeup puppy eyes

Western trend: The Cat Eye is unlike the puppy eye look. To create a cat eye look, you line your top lid and extends outwards and upwards creating a cat eye effect.  The feline flick is brought out and up never down.  The bottom lash line is also lined starting from the middle of the pupil and both top and bottom liners are connected.

western bride bridal makeup trends cat eye

Youth is King When it Comes to Korean Bridal Makeup Trends

Korean trend: Straight Brows that are a lighter shade than your natural hair colour.  Youth is king or if you prefer, queen here. Rounded eyebrows or straight eyebrows are all the rage with Korean brides.  This shape brow gives the face a very youthful appearance.

korean vs western bridal makeup trends

Western trend: Elongated thick brows that are well defined.  The brows are coloured in to appear the same colour or darker than your natural hair colour.  Nothing youthful or subtle about the brow trend right now in North America.  Quite frankly I love the Korean eyebrow trend much much more and can’t wait for this particular trend to die over here!

eyebrow trends

Both Korean and Western Brides Love Ombre Lips

Korean trend: The Ombre Lip is created to give the illusion of a fuller more youthful lip.  Lip liner is not used and the end result should look like a ‘just bitten’ lip.  The darker shaded lip colour is placed in the middle of the lip.  Then its gradually blended outward with a lighter shade towards the outter part of the lip to create a reverse ombre effect.

ombre lips for korean brides

Western trend: The Ombre Lip is more defined than the Korean ombre lip with the darker shade on the edges of the lips graduating to a lighter shade in the centre of the lip.  Lip liner is almost always used and is meant to look noticeable.

ombre lips for brides

Korean Bridal Eye Makeup is all about keeping a minimal eye makeup look focusing on the liner, skin and lips.  This gives the bride the appearance of a youthful innocent look.

minimal eye makeup look for korean bride

Western Bridal Eye Makeup tend to prefer a soft smokey eye look that focuses on drama and sex appeal. Western brides aren’t afraid to look sexy.  😛

soft smokey eyes

Koren trend: Dewy Skin is what’s it’s all about!  No matte here, it’s all about the dew.  Almost wet looking, dewy, plump and youthful skin. (consistent theme, eh?)

dewy skin

Western trend: Glowing Skin, rather than wet and dewy.  Western bridal makeup/skin trends are all about that glow. Walk into any Sephora and I bet you won’t find 1 brand that doesn’t offer a ‘glow’ product in their range. Western brides prefer a fuller coverage foundation and then use highlighting products to give their skin that “glow from within” look.

glowing skin

What do you guys think?  Which one is your favourite trend?

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