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5 Face Sheet Masks That I Recommend To My Brides

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Who out there hasn’t heard of face sheet masks?  Let me tell you, I love, love, love these masks!  Depending on what my brides skin issues may be at their trial, I recommend various skin care options to help get their skin into the best possible shape before their big day.  These sheet masks have been a lifesaver!  I can’t tell you how many of my brides rave about my sheet mask recommendations!  It’s time you got the inside scoop too!

Being in the beauty business is never dull as there are always new skin care and beauty products popping up on retail shelves practically every week!  I spend quite a lot of time each week researching new skin care, makeup and hair products.  I’m telling you it’s a full time job keeping up these days!  I don’t know about you but I want to know if the hype for a new skin care product is legit or just a lot of social media fluff so I dig and dig, then try them out and then recommend.

I’ve tried many sheet masks and had many of my brides try various sheet masks as well and here my top 5 most recommended sheet masks.

Dry tired looking skin?  Perfect for brides who are 35+ or suffer from very dry skin.

This is my go-to!

Real Nature Face Mask Longan (found at Nature Collection re: formerly The Face Shop)

face sheet mask perfect for dry skin

Acne prone skin and/or large pores.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask (found at Sephora)

best sheet face mask for acne prone skinned brides

For Dull Skin!  Skin Brightening – yes it really brightens!!

Real Nature Rice Sheet Mask (found at Nature Collection)

face sheet mask for brightening skin

For irritated, sensitive skin.  It’s perfect for those brides with ‘unhappy’ skin!

Bio-Cell Recover Face Mask (found at Nature Collection)


Puffy tired eyes?  This is my go-to!

Sephora’s Brand Instant Hydrogel Eye Mask

face masks for eyes






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