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Eyeshadows I Fell in Love With During The 2016 Bridal Season

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A makeup artist/friend of mine from the Toronto area texted me several months ago and said “there are so many eyeshadows to try out this year!”  “No kidding” was my response!  The thing about purchasing makeup products for yourself is that you’re only thinking about what you might like.  When you’re looking to invest in something new for your pro kit it’s a whole other story!  So I got down to researching and comparing various eyeshadow brands that seem to have a lot of hype around this year.  My goal was to invest in 1 maybe 2 brands to see if the hype was worth the investment.

So I decided to purchase 14 eyeshadows from Makeupgeek.   I also purchased 4 eyeshadows from Inglot.

Here were the colours I chose from Makeupgeek.

Peach Smoothie, Shimma, Simma, Sorbet, Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Vanilla Bean, Frappe, Mango Tango, Mocha, Ice Queen, Rockstar, Tuscan Sun, Karma and Havoc. I placed all these in one of my z-palettes. Shipping and customer service with Makeupgeek was excellent.  It took 2 weeks to arrive from the US to Canada which is about average.

es-vanillabean es-tuscansun es-shimmashimma es-peachsmoothie es-mocha es-mangotango es-icequeen es-frappe es-cremebrule es-cocoabear des-rockstar des-karma des-karma-1 makeupgeek eyeshadows

The pigmentation with these shadows is quite good.  I would compare it to any other high end eyeshadow on the market.  The makeupgeek eyeshadows have a soft silky feel to them. (it’s the ‘Dimethicone’ in the eyeshadows which is ‘silicone’ that gives it that luxury feel)  I ended up dropping my z-palette with these shadows in it at one of my weddings this past summer and died a little inside 😯 !  I only cracked 1 shadow which was “Ice Queen.”  My heart stopped momentarily but all was not lost!  Thank goodness.  😕

I really fell in love with these shadows over the 2016 bridal season.  I have so many wonderful brands of eyeshadows in my pro kit already that I really love so I was skeptical these would ‘fit’ into my kit and add something I didn’t already have.  Well they did!  I found them to be a good quality shadow without a doubt but the range of colours really sold it for me.  Marlena, the owner of Makeupgeek Cosmetics certainly outdid herself with the colour range that’s available.  For example some of the Duochrome shadows are really unique and I ended up using the colour “Karma” a lot during the wedding season.  I would place a small amount of Karmades-karma-1 right in the centre of the lid and blend it with whatever other shadows I was using. It gives the most beautiful highlight to almost any eye I used it on.  I can definitely see ordering more of these beauties for next season!

My next purchase was with Inglot.  I’ve always been a fan of Inglot eyeliners so I thought while I was ordering more of the liners I would pick up some eyeshadows as well.  Here are the 4 Inglot eyeshadows I purchased.

Shine #46, Shine 153, Matte 351 and Matte #319

I also placed these 4 in one of my z-palettes that is filled with only neutral colours.

inglot shine 46 eyeshadowinglot-shine-153 inglot_eye_shadow_matte_351_6b118749-8dcb-44f2-a323-3e5209218085_largeinglot-matte-319

My favourite by far has been Shine #46.  It’s a beautiful and unique peachy pink colour that suits a variety of different skin tones.  The word ‘shine’ is accurate to describe this shadow texture.  It’s less about glittery particles and more about glowing shine.  As with the Makeupgeek eyeshadows I found the Inglot shadows to be well pigmented. They do look and feel like a high end shadow on the lid which I like.  Shine #153 is probably my least favourite but it’s more to do with the colour just not working with a lot of my clientele more than anything else.  The 2 mattes are really lovely too.  Great pigmentation and easy to blend.

Customer service and delivery were excellent with Inglot.  I was able to order these from Toronto which made my life easy!  I love them and will definitely be purchasing more for next season.

Got a question you’d like answered?  Maybe you have a favourite eyeshadow brand you would like to share?  Let me know in the comment section below.  😀


Please note this is not a paid review and is entirely my professional opinion.

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