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Hi and welcome to my blogging world where I talk about bridal makeup, hair and fashion!  My name is Vicki Millar and I’m here to make sure you have the most up to date information necessary to make your wedding day beauty a complete success.  I give straight forward, no nonsense advice and my advice is always based on my experiences.  Some of my experiences are funny…some not so much but I believe every experience teaches us something new and I make sure I share it all with you!
Where my roots are from…
I was born and raised in Markham, Ontario, Canada which is a suburb just outside of Toronto.  I was the second and youngest child of 2.  My mother was a stay at home mom for most of my upbringing.  My father was an entrepreneur.  He was always doing something different and new!  When I wasn’t looking his love of business somehow rubbed off on me!  My mother on the other hand, loved being at home and being a mom.  She loved all things feminine and I used to watch her putting on her makeup and would pay attention to the little details such as what colour she wore or how she applied her lipstick and then blotted and then reapplied it again.  I would silently (and sometimes not so silently either) dream of one day putting makeup on myself, all my friends and of course her too.

Hair styling by Vicki Millar / Photography by Gemini Photography
It’s been said that I can be a little rebellious….

My mom sensed my passion early on for makeup.  One day while I was in Grade 8 (so about 13 years old) my mom came to deliver something to school for me that I had forgotten and she caught me wearing makeup.  Of course I was not allowed to wear makeup to school and she was furious with me.
I used to go to school with a clean face and then apply makeup before classes started.  I’m not talking a little makeup either, I’m talking A LOT of makeup!  You know…the black liner, blue frosted eyeshadow and so much rouge I lit up a room when I walked in!  (and not in the good way) When I think back at it now… I looked a bit like a nightmare gone seriously wrong!  That’s the day my mom entered me into a makeup academy where I was taught the basics of skin care and proper makeup application for my age.  It was one of the best things she ever did for me.
Move forward to today and I regularly teach young adults the basics of makeup  application.  Check out….My Popular Makeup Lessons Site

Makeup and hair by Vicki Millar / Photography by James Ogilivie

I haven’t always been doing this for a living…I had a completely different life before!

I worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry and eventually, after many roles, managed a Clinical Operations Division for a Biotech company.  Among my other roles in the pharmaceutical industry I was also a Data Manager, Clinical Supplies Coordinator and a Project Manager with one of biggest Pharmaceutical companies in the world.  I even did a brief stint working alongside a marketing division and managed a few commercial packaging projects that took me to several places around North America on business.

Makeup and hair by Vicki Millar for Veux Magazine / Photography by Derwei Chan

Yep, they call me BOLD and I kind’a like it!

Without even trying or realizing it I became known as an entrepreneurial/out of the box thinking employee with a bold personality.  I usually did fairly well in whatever role I was given but never loved what I was doing and always felt a little out of place.  Unlike most in the Pharmaceutical world, I wasn’t specialized in one area; instead I was always searching for something else, something more, something to help me grow.  I was easily bored and was always looking for some way to do most everything differently.  Not always a good thing when it comes to working in a highly regulated, strict, ‘in the box’ thinking industry!
Eileen 9

Bridal makeup and hair by Vicki Millar

My passions clearly lay elsewhere although I really didn’t understand it at the time.
About 10 years ago I met and married my husband Mark.  Mark was from Britain (yes, I fell for the English accent hook, line and sinker) and we lived in Britain for 5 years before returning home to Toronto for good.  While I was living in Britain Mark asked me what I really wanted to do with my life and the first thing out of my mouth was MAKEUP!  I told him right then and there, “I want to be a makeup artist!”  Just saying it out loud felt like an enormous relief.  He was immediately interested and told me to “Go for it!”  He gave me the gift of encouragement and trust along with all the support I needed to make it happen.

Makeup and Hair by Vicki Millar for Ellements Magazine / Jason Brown Photography

The rest my friends is what they call “history”
I have worked diligently to build a successful bridal and commercial makeup and hair business and still to this day love every second of it!  One day is never like the others and I’m always striving, learning and growing. My journey has been fantastic.

Makeup by Vicki Millar for Ellements Magazine / Jason Brown Photography

Who could ask for more?
I help future brides all over the world plan, prepare and be properly informed in all aspects of their bridal beauty and fashion needs.  I love hearing from my followers and make an effort to respond to all those who contact me.  Be sure and get in touch!
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