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Chinese Wedding Makeup Ideas and Inspiration

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I work with a lot of Chinese brides every year and their weddings are always big events!  Lots going on all day long!  It’s not uncommon for me to get hired for the entire day to be with the bride and her bridal party, giving the bride new looks throughout the day,… Continue reading →

Wedding Makeup Looks For Olive Skin

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Are you a bride with an olive skin tone?  Here are our top picks for wedding makeup looks for you.

Olive skin is probably the trickiest of skin tones to work with and that’s because the olive tone itself can come in a variety of shades and can come with various combined… Continue reading →

Asian Wedding Fashion For 2015

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Asian wedding fashion for 2015…each gown is like a piece of art…

I’ve always just considered myself a simple Canadian girl who just happens to love all things beauty and wedding related.  However while doing my research for the 2015 Asian wedding fashion trends I really got to thinking…I’m actually… Continue reading →

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