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How To Combat Oily Skin On Your Wedding Day

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Today’s post comes courtesy of Cameo College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are giving those brides-to-be who suffer with oily skin some very useful advice.  If you suffer from oily skin read on! More information about Cameo College can be found at the bottom of… Continue reading →

Top 3 Wedding Makeup Blunders

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Wedding Makeup Blunder # 1 ~ Being Unrealistic With Your Expectations

I’m a big believer in collecting images from magazines and websites of makeup and hair styles you love and want to emulate for your wedding day but it’s important to remember that not all hair styles and makeup looks will suit you.

When considering styles… Continue reading →

How To Maintain Your Wedding Day Makeup

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You’re clever and have hired yourself a pro makeup artist for your big day. The good news is your pro makeup artist will use professional brand makeup on you which will be long lasting. But what little tricks should you know to keep your professional makeup looking fresh and flawless all day/evening?

See… Continue reading →

Wedding Day Makeup Tips From a Pro

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Some DO’s and DON’Ts for your wedding day makeup from a Professional Makeup Artist

DO stay true to yourself – don’t try to look like someone else on your wedding day. A fake appearance is not how you want to be remembered on the most important day of your life. Instead aim to… Continue reading →

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