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The Best Updo’s for Brides with Fine Thin Hair

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As a former bride who was dealt “the fine thin” hair card at birth, I speak today from not only a professional perspective but a personal perspective.  There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how you should wear your hair on your wedding day but… Continue reading →

Braided Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

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The braided wedding hairstyle has been on trend for the past few years and it’s no surprise why.  A bridal hair updo or wedding hairstyle displaying a braid of any type, whether it be an intricate or effortless braid really adds that little extra interest to what might be an ordinary hairstyle… Continue reading →

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Round Faces

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You might be surprised to learn that a round face can pull off quite a few fantastic hairstyles which can be very handy for you brides out there trying to figure out which hair style will make your round face look a little longer or thinner.  It might feel as though… Continue reading →

14 Bride Hairstyle Ideas Using Extensions

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If you are one of those few brides that are naturally blessed with thick, long, beautiful hair then consider yourself very lucky!  For the rest of you who are ‘hair challenged” and you know who you are (I include myself in this category too because for whatever reason I wasn’t blessed… Continue reading →

20 Gorgeous Bridal Hair Comb Ideas

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Bridal hair combs….ohhhh!  The ideas are endless.

Are you searching for the perfect bridal hair comb for your wedding day?  Have you figured out what hairstyle you’ll be wearing on your wedding day yet? Then this post should be very helpful for you.  The best thing about wearing a decorative… Continue reading →

Best Hair Updos for High Fashion Brides

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When choosing your wedding hairstyle there are lots of things to keep in mind.  Your hair texture, length and the practicality of the style you want are all things you need to think about before booking your wedding hair trial.  Vicki’s tip…be honest with yourself and know your own hair.… Continue reading →

Best Bridal Hairstyles for Destination Weddings

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Choosing the best hairstyle for your destination wedding takes planning and good old common sense.

Tis the season for all you fortunate lucky ladies who are getting married somewhere warm and tropical in the next couple of months.  Oh how I envy you.  Did I mention you’re lucky?  Here in… Continue reading →

Wedding Hair Styles for Medium Length Hair

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Have you got medium length hair and are looking for some wedding hair style inspiration?  Well, I’m here to show you some options and let you know that medium length hair is really a perfect length for most wedding hair styles so you are in luck!  Many brides work… Continue reading →

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