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The Picky Bride: 3 Tips For Your Makeup & Hair Trial

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picky bride

There are some brides who are laid back about their wedding including choosing their hair and makeup artist.  Then there are those who aren’t.  😉  You’re the kind of bride who knows who she is and knows what she likes.… Continue reading →

The 1 Question I Wish More Brides Would Ask Me

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Questions I wish my brides would ask me

Photography by The Odd Sparrow

Out of all the lovely brides I’ve worked with over the years I can name only a handful that ever asked me this question….“Does the makeup and hair style I want actually suit me?”

Oh how I wish more brides asked this question! … Continue reading →

The Top 6 Camera Friendly Face Illuminators for Brides

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For the average consumer finding a good face illuminator isn’t a tough task.  There are hundreds on the market and literally something for just about everyone and every skin tone out there.  Bridal makeup artists have a tougher time at this task.  They are constantly searching for… Continue reading →

Wedding Makeup Ideas For Brides With Blue Eyes

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Growing up I always wanted blue eyes – I have brown eyes – not a bad thing but it took me a long time to really appreciate my brown eyes.  My dad was blessed with gorgeous blue eyes and so was my best friend so growing up I kept wishing my… Continue reading →

2015 Spring Wedding Makeup Ideas

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It’s time for 2015 spring brides to pick their favourite spring wedding makeup look…

…and we have found some beauties!  If your wedding is in April – May 2015, now is the time you should have your makeup trial and it’s important to be prepared.  Take a look at some of the current/on… Continue reading →

The Bridesmaid Who Insists On Doing Her Own Makeup

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The Bridesmaid Who Insists On Doing Her Own Makeup

image from

There is almost always 1 bridesmaid who says “I’m doing my own makeup!”  From my experience there are usually 3 reasons why this occurs:

  1. The bridesmaid in question has had a very bad experience having their makeup done professionally!

This is probably the most popular of reasons… Continue reading →

Winter Wedding Makeup Inspiration

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While I was researching these beauties it occurred to me how much I love a little makeup drama for winter brides.  I’ll let you in on a secret..I’m always so thrilled when one of my brides asks me for something different.  As much as I love doing makeup – and I really… Continue reading →

A Little Marsala For The Bride?

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The colour of 2015 has been announced and it’s Marsala! the colour marsala

I actually really like this colour and can see it being used quite a lot in the new bridal season.  Like the wine it’s named after, I see the addition of this colour adding a level of elegance and sophistication to… Continue reading →

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