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Eyeshadows I Fell in Love With During The 2016 Bridal Season

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A makeup artist/friend of mine from the Toronto area texted me several months ago and said “there are so many eyeshadows to try out this year!”  “No kidding” was my response!  The thing about purchasing makeup products for yourself is that you’re only thinking about… Continue reading →

Bridal Makeup For Hooded Eyes

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If there is one eye lid shape that seems to get more attention than any other it would be hooded eyes.  It’s probably because women with hooded eyes find it frustrating to apply makeup and aren’t sure how to create the illusion of the eye appearing open and big.  Almost every woman I… Continue reading →

Wedding Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

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Did you know that only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes?

Well, it’s true!  So if you’re one of those lucky brides who was born with green eyes, you are a rarity indeed! Anytime I have a client in my chair with green eyes I’m always in awe of their beauty.… Continue reading →

Brides, Is a Smokey Eye Right For You?

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Women just love a smokey eye…

When it comes to eye makeup,  there is one common look most women love and that’s a smokey eye.  Whether we love it in pictures on someone else or wear it regularly ourselves, we can’t get enough of this look!  But how do… Continue reading →

2015 Bridal Makeup Trend Alert! Pastel Eye Shadow Colours!

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Pastel Eye Shadow Colours – a new trend that gives a classic look for brides

Ever wonder how you might incorporate new trends like pastel eye shadow colours into a classic wedding day makeup look?  It’s pretty easy especially when… Continue reading →

Eye Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for The Bride To Be

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Here is one of the posts I wrote as a guest blogger recently.  The original post can be found here.  

DO:  Choose an eye shadow colour that complements your own eye colour.  The easiest way to do this is to look at a colour wheel and locate your eye… Continue reading →
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