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Vicki Reveals Most Reliable Makeup Products Used On Brides

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The 2 most popular questions I get asked by my clients are…  1. What is your favourite makeup brand?  2. What are your favourite makeup products?  Globally we spend 170 billion dollars a year on beauty products!  20% of that 170 billion is spent on makeup… Continue reading →

2015 Bridal Eyebrow Trends

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There have been periods in history where eyebrow trends really set the stage for makeup looks in that decade.  In the 1930’s women often shaved their eyebrows and then drew them back in.  In 2010 eyebrows were strong, thick and dark looking with overly accentuated arches.  This particular look lasted for… Continue reading →

Bridal Eyebrow Trends 2014

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A beautiful eyebrow frames the face.  A good brow can literally make or break a great bridal makeup application.  In the past couple of years brows have become thicker and fuller looking but this year in particular (2014) model eyebrows on fashion runways and bridal fashion runways are showing very thick, natural looking brows.… Continue reading →

A Bride’s Eyebrow Dilemma

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Not to sound like a broken record…. but the best way to bring focus to your eyes is by having properly groomed and well shaped eyebrows.  Eyebrows can make or break a beautiful bridal look in seconds flat!  I tell this to many of my brides at their bridal makeup trial and for good reason.  Nothing will… Continue reading →
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