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Large Over The Top False Lashes, A Wedding Beauty Faux Pas

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There are some trends from 2015 that I hope die a painful death in 2016!  Brides wearing large over the top false lashes is the one trend that must go away and never return.  If I see one more bride in one more bridal blog with huge… Continue reading →

Vicki Reveals Most Reliable Makeup Products Used On Brides

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The 2 most popular questions I get asked by my clients are…  1. What is your favourite makeup brand?  2. What are your favourite makeup products?  Globally we spend 170 billion dollars a year on beauty products!  20% of that 170 billion is spent on makeup… Continue reading →

The Pro’s and Con’s of Wearing False Lashes on Your Wedding Day

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Pro:  If properly applied, false lashes can really help to ‘pop’ the eyes in photographs and in person.  They add that little extra drama that the camera loves!
Makeup by Vicki Millar
Con:  Be careful not to overdo your false lash look on your wedding… Continue reading →

Love those luscious lashes!

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What could be more fun than makeup and false lashes? It’s every little girls dream to wear them and not surprisingly many brides dream as well. There are all sorts of faux lashes to choose from these days but the most popular type are full strip, accent strip and individuals.

If you are considering whether you… Continue reading →

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