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8 Tried & True Bridal Hair Remedies For Fast Hair Growth

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tip for bridal hair growth before the big day

So many of my brides are in the same boat this year.  They want long luxurious hair, their own hair!  Without the use of extensions!  So how do you grow your hair in the fastest most natural way possible?  I’ve collected 8 natural remedies … Continue reading →

4 Silicone Free Deep Conditioners That Are Bride Worthy

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Many brides-to-be are worried that their hair is over processed and damaged and that they won’t have healthy hair on their wedding day.  They take matters into their own hands and start using deep hair conditioners and hair masks to try and rectify their hair problems often without realizing they… Continue reading →

5 Tips: Get Your Hair Into Perfect Shape Before Your Big Day

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What You Eat Matters…

Want healthy hair, eat right.  I know, I know….they say this for everything right?  Can’t sleep, eat right.  Don’t feel good, eat right.  I get it but it really is true.  If you want your hair to grow quickly… Continue reading →

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