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Inspirational Natural and Modern Makeup Ideas for Indian Brides

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For those Indian brides who prefer something less traditional and little more modern and natural in feel…today’s post is for you.  Inspirational natural and modern makeup ideas for Indian brides.

Top 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

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Whether you’re an Indian bride looking for some bridal makeup inspriation are you’re looking to hire your Indian wedding day makeup artist, here are the top 5 Indian bridal makeup artists that I follow on Instagram. This style of makeup has been around for years and some do it better… Continue reading →

Wedding Makeup Looks For Olive Skin

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Are you a bride with an olive skin tone?  Here are our top picks for wedding makeup looks for you.

Olive skin is probably the trickiest of skin tones to work with and that’s because the olive tone itself can come in a variety of shades and can come with various combined… Continue reading →

Beautiful Henna Designs for Indian Brides – Inspirational Thursday!

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Good morning everyone!  Today’s bridal inspiration comes from my Pinterest collection of gorgeous henna designs. Although I do not actually do henna myself, I’m always amazed at the detail and beauty of these designs when I’m working with my Indian brides.  Such beautiful talent here….just had to share!


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My Indian Brides

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For the past couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some very beautiful Indian brides and the one trend I keep seeing over and over again is a toned down bridal Indian makeup look compared to the time-honoured traditional Indian bridal looks.

Monika and Sabir – Monika wanted vibrant purple eyes.  A modern twist… Continue reading →
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