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Tinted Lip Balms – Which Ones Are Wedding Day Worthy?

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Good morning ladies!  I know I’ve been remiss the past couple of weeks with my posts.  My excuse is a good one.  This is my busiest month of the year plus I also came down with a couple of viruses that shook me sideways for a couple… Continue reading →

7 Perfect Peach Coloured Lip Shades For The 2016 Bridal Season

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Peach coloured lip shades – Vicki’s top 7 picks for the 2016 bridal season

Most brides focus so much on their eye makeup they often neglect their lips or even worse use their regular old everyday lip shade on their wedding day.  I’m often asked what my… Continue reading →

17 Ombre Lip Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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It’s not always wise to follow new trends in makeup when it comes to your bridal beauty but when it’s something as beautiful as an ombre lip, well, who can resist?!  😛  Here are 17 ombre lip ideas that are bride worthy!

How To Choose The Perfect Rose Lip Shade For Your Wedding Day

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Rose Quartz is THE colour of the year.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly I did warn you that you’d be hearing a lot about this colour in 2016 as it’s going to be everywhere.  This colour works well for my clients.  I think… Continue reading →

The Top 6 MAC Lip Colours In My Bridal Kit

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Truth is, I only carry a few MAC products in my kit and it’s only because some of my clientele want to see them.  They like the idea of their makeup artist carrying around a brand they recognize.  I like some of MAC’s products very much but… Continue reading →

Bridal Lip Colour Trends for 2016

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Welcome to 2016!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic New Years Eve.  Me…..I worked!  But that’s OK.  My hubby and I don’t normally go out on New Years Eve anyhow and for whatever reason I find it much more fun to transform my clients… Continue reading →

Vicki Shares Her Best Lipstick Colours for Black Brides

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You know what I love most about makeup?  It’s how the right shade and texture can make such a difference to the way a woman looks and even feels about herself.  We were all created differently and thanks to the wonders of makeup we can all look uniquely beautiful… Continue reading →

How To Keep Your Lipstick Looking Fresh Longer on Your Wedding Day

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Lip stick over lip stain?  Many brides prefer the feeling of lip stick over lip stain so here are 8 tips Vicki shares with you on keeping your lipstick looking fresh longer on your wedding day.

Your makeup looks flawless, your hair is a masterpiece, you… Continue reading →

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