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makeup by vicki millar

Get That English Rose Glow on Your Wedding Day

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english rose glow

Makeup & Hair By Vicki Millar; Photography by Samantha Bauer

There are some bridal makeup looks that are truly timeless and an English rose glow is certainly a very popular look with many brides.  It’s fresh, glowy and classic.  I posted about my English bride, Pippa awhile… Continue reading →

Online Makeup Lesson: Learn How To Apply Your Own Wedding Makeup

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These days it’s become the ‘norm’ to hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist for your wedding day.  Years ago, this wasn’t quite the case.  Back 20 years ago, it was truly a luxury to have a makeup artist come into your home to glam… Continue reading →

Pick a Bridal Makeup Artist That You Click With

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Sounds easy right?  Pick a bridal makeup artist that you click with.  Sound advice but many brides don’t think this way.  Those brides who think to themselves “I’m hiring a makeup artist and she/he will be with me for a only a few hours in the morning so… Continue reading →

Brides-to-be, Vicki has an update!

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I can imagine many of you have been wondering where the heck I disappeared to over the past 7 weeks.  Well, lemme tell  you!  I decided awhile back to redo my main bridal site.  It was a lot of work, probably more than I was anticipating and it… Continue reading →

Best Long Wearing Lip Stain for Brides: Chanel Wins

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best long wearing lip stain for brides

Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Darling Pink

I, like many a makeup artist have got a few makeup addictions.  They say the first step is to admit it!  😉

So, one of my big makeup addictions is lipstick and long wearing lip stains.  I’m… Continue reading →

The Pro’s and Con’s of Wearing False Lashes on Your Wedding Day

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Pro:  If properly applied, false lashes can really help to ‘pop’ the eyes in photographs and in person.  They add that little extra drama that the camera loves!
Makeup by Vicki Millar
Con:  Be careful not to overdo your false lash look on your wedding… Continue reading →
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