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Fashion Advice For Mothers of The Bride

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Today I thought it would be helpful to share these useful bits of information for all those mothers of the bride that are at the beginning stages of searching for their perfect gown/outfit. In the past couple of years I’ve seen some gorgeous fashion pieces for MOB’s.  … Continue reading →

Favourite Mother of the Bride Makeup Ideas

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There is no reason why the mother of the bride can’t glow on her daughter’s wedding day too!  I work on mothers almost every week and most moms (there are those exceptions but we won’t get into that today…) love having their makeup done and being part of their daughter’s wedding… Continue reading →

My Mother is Ruining My Wedding Day, Help!

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Mothers & Daughters & Weddings…

Mother of the bride ruining the wedding day

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The bride/mother of the bride relationship has always been a confusing one to me.  Sometimes I meet the most amazing brides who have the most amazing supportive mothers.  Then… Continue reading →

Celebrity Makeup/Hair Looks For The Mother of Bride/Groom

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Classic beauty – Judy Dench

I meet a lot of mom’s every week in this business and 9 times out of 10 the mom’s I meet are only concerned with their daughter’s happiness and how beautiful their daughter looks and feels on her big day. It’s almost as if a lot of… Continue reading →

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