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natural sexy lips

Best Long Wearing Lip Stain for Brides: Chanel Wins

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best long wearing lip stain for brides

Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Darling Pink

I, like many a makeup artist have got a few makeup addictions.  They say the first step is to admit it!  😉

So, one of my big makeup addictions is lipstick and long wearing lip stains.  I’m… Continue reading →

Bridal Beauty Tips for a Natural Wedding Day Makeup Look

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Michelle 2

Natural wedding makeup by Vicki Millar; Photography courtesy of Derwei Chan

So…your dream is to look natural on your wedding day but everyone is telling you that you have to wear makeup for photo’s or else you will look washed out.  Are they right?  Well, I’m afraid so.… Continue reading →

How to Apply a Natural Sexy Lip

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Beautiful London/Milan Model Stacy Fenton
Photography by Matthew Pearly
Makeup by Vicki Millar

I have been asked by a few of you to explain how I achieve a natural sexy lip look. We’ve all seen it and love it. Every beauty and fashion magazine you open seems to have some gorgeous model or actress with… Continue reading →

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