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The Number One Question I Get Asked Most From Brides

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The number 1 question I get asked most from brides is “How much do you charge?”

Wow.  What a loaded question! Where to begin?  Do I just blurt it out or should I do what I was taught in business school and “sell” them on the idea… Continue reading →

Best Long Wearing Lip Stain for Brides: Chanel Wins

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best long wearing lip stain for brides

Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Darling Pink

I, like many a makeup artist have got a few makeup addictions.  They say the first step is to admit it!  😉

So, one of my big makeup addictions is lipstick and long wearing lip stains.  I’m… Continue reading →

Why Do Makeup Artists Charge More For The Bride?

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Makeup by Vicki Milar, Photography by Derwei ChanIf you’ve been searching for the perfect wedding makeup artist you’ve probably come to realize that many makeup artists charge more for the bride then they do for the bridesmaids or MOB/MOG.   I’m sure you’re probably wondering why and thinking it’s just a big scam.  Below is an… Continue reading →

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