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The Difference Between a Smokey Eye and a Cat Eye

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I’m not sure why I haven’t written a post about the differences between a smokey eye and a cat before now! It’s been a concern of mine for awhile now that most women don’t really understand the difference between these 2 looks.  Imagine asking your bridal makeup artist for… Continue reading →

Vicki’s Bridal Makeup & Hair Predictions for 2016

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2016 bridal fashion, makeup and hair trends are out!  They’ve been shown on the spring/summer bridal runways recently and  I took some time and put together my bridal makeup and hair predictions for next year. There are some great ideas here and I can see these fitting well… Continue reading →

Beautiful Bridal Makeup Inspiration for Brunettes

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Blondes might have more fun but brunettes do it better! 😉 OK, I might be bias here but I am afterall, a brunette!  🙂  The best thing about being a brunette is the fact you can go a little more dramatic with your bridal makeup and still look classically beautiful.  … Continue reading →

Brides – Take Back Your Control!

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I see this from time to time where a perfectly kind and respectable bride sits back quietly while one of her bridesmaid’s or mothers cause havoc among all the other women in the room. The warning signs are usually there long before your makeup artist/hair stylist walks through the door and unfortunately not often… Continue reading →

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