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The Demise of Classic Pretty Wedding Makeup

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Scary thought isn’t it?  “The demise of classic pretty wedding makeup.”  Why would I make such a statement?  Because it’s happening every weekend to hundreds of brides all over the world.

Let me first say….I love trends in fashion, makeup and hair and if you read my blog regularly you’ll… Continue reading →

Baroque Vineyard Styled Wedding Featured in WedLuxe Magazine

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Hello all you beauties!  I’ve got a little treat for you today.  This past October I worked with a seriously talented team of creatives and we put together a styled wedding shoot at a winery just north of Toronto called Willow Spring Winery.  It was unseasonably cold (forecast… Continue reading →

Wedding Spotlight: Eileen’s Wedding Makeup and Hair

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Eileen contacted me about a year before her wedding and we instantly hit it off on the phone.  We booked a wedding makeup and hair trial initially to make sure we both worked well together and fortunately we did!  Future brides, keep in mind,  this concept is a… Continue reading →

Freelance Professional Makeup Artists Vs. Retail Counter Makeup Artists

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Is there a difference between a retail counter makeup artist and a freelance makeup artist? As a bride, which choice is the best for you? Let’s review the facts below.

Fact 1: Freelance makeup artists work independently from any one particular company therefore they offer an unbiased approach when acquiring… Continue reading →

Skin Preparation for your Wedding Day

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Photography by Mark Kirby 

My moto is… is only as good as the skin you’re putting it on.

Healthy skin will help your makeup glide on easier and enhance your finished look. Whenever I’m meeting a client for the first time, whether it’s a bride to be or the CEO of a corporation… Continue reading →

Heather and Dan’s Wedding

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As many of you know, I worked in Britain (England and Scotland) for about 5 years before returning home to Canada about a year ago.

Getting from point A to point B in Britain can often times be a struggle but the transportation system in and around the country is pretty good and many people travel… Continue reading →

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