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Turn Your Wedding Morning Into a Celebration!

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The moment you wake up on your wedding day the celebration should begin!  Over the years I’ve seen some pretty creative ways to start the big day off.  I like to think by the time I arrive to my brides home that she’s already thinking celebration.  Getting your hair and… Continue reading →

Baroque Vineyard Styled Wedding Featured in WedLuxe Magazine

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Hello all you beauties!  I’ve got a little treat for you today.  This past October I worked with a seriously talented team of creatives and we put together a styled wedding shoot at a winery just north of Toronto called Willow Spring Winery.  It was unseasonably cold (forecast… Continue reading →

25 Gorgeous Inspirational Christmas Wedding Ideas

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Planning a Christmas Wedding?  Here are 25 Inspirational Ideas Just for You!

I’ve done a few Christmas weddings (or within the week of Christmas/New Years) and I have to say they have all been so beautiful.  There is something about the colours of a Christmas wedding (white, red, green) that make me… Continue reading →

5 Common Last Minute Bridal Beauty Blunders and How to Fix Them Fast

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Take it from me… you don’t want to make any sudden last minutes changes to your bridal beauty routine just before your wedding day.   A day or 2 before the wedding isn’t the time to try a new product or splurge on expensive champagne. … Continue reading →

The Pro’s and Con’s of Wearing False Lashes on Your Wedding Day

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Pro:  If properly applied, false lashes can really help to ‘pop’ the eyes in photographs and in person.  They add that little extra drama that the camera loves!
Makeup by Vicki Millar
Con:  Be careful not to overdo your false lash look on your wedding… Continue reading →

Get the look you want on your wedding day

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Can you close your eyes and picture exactly how you want to look on your wedding day? Do you picture your future husband’s eyes admiring your beauty as you walk down the aisle?

If so, you need to get the right people involved to make it happen for you. A good… Continue reading →

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