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A Groom’s Love For His New Bride

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Good morning my lovelies!  This video had me in tears when I saw it this morning so ofcourse I HAD to share with you.   😛  This is what love looks like.  The reaction this groom has when he first sees his beautiful bride is beyond!!  Still teary eyed!

Enjoy. xo

A quick update….I’ll be posting once a week from now and until the end of the October.  This year’s wedding season is extremely busy!  I will be back to twice a week come November!   😆

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Romono Keveza Bridal Fashion S/S 2016

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Romono Keveza’s gowns are always elegant and sophisticated.  She is known for her attention to detail and these gowns don’t disappoint.  Here are my top picks from her Spring/Summer 2016 line.

Ponytail and Pigtail Wedding Hair Ideas

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Gone are the days of wearing pigtails and ponytails the old fashioned way.  In 2016 the traditional ponytail and pigtail take on a whole new look from textured, bohemian styles to high fashion elegant styles. There seems to be something for everyone and a perfect way to incorporate this idea into your own… Continue reading →

Turn Your Wedding Morning Into a Celebration!

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The moment you wake up on your wedding day the celebration should begin!  Over the years I’ve seen some pretty creative ways to start the big day off.  I like to think by the time I arrive to my brides home that she’s already thinking celebration.  Getting your hair and… Continue reading →

Wedding Fashion Books on Vicki’s Reading List

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I used to be a pretty avid reader way back when but I’ve found in the past couple of years I don’t spend as much time reading as I used to and I miss it!  So this year I made a promise to myself – I hate making New Years resolutions because… Continue reading →

Top Wedding Trends for 2015

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Lucky us!  The very talented Phoebe Lo from Phoebe Lo Events  has written our post for today.  She shares the top 5 wedding trends for 2015.  Gotta say….I love the food truck idea!  That’s genius and I can see it being hugely popular at many weddings this year.  … Continue reading →

Phoebe Shares The 5 Things Every Wedding Guest Hopes For

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Today  on Beauty for Brides, we have the lovely and very talented Phoebe Lo from Phoebe Lo Events sharing her wedding planner expertise with us all.   Phoebe has seen it all!  I know this for a fact!  Phoebe and I  have worked together… Continue reading →

25 Gorgeous Inspirational Christmas Wedding Ideas

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Planning a Christmas Wedding?  Here are 25 Inspirational Ideas Just for You!

I’ve done a few Christmas weddings (or within the week of Christmas/New Years) and I have to say they have all been so beautiful.  There is something about the colours of a Christmas wedding (white, red, green) that make me… Continue reading →

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