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Brides Beware of Instagram Makeup Looks

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My brides almost exclusively want to look like themselves on their wedding day.  Like themselves but the best version of themselves!  This is in my opinion the only way to look on your wedding day!  So when I witness what’s going on right now with Instagram makeup looks and some… Continue reading →

3 YouTube Makeup Guru’s Demonstrating Bride Worthy 2016 Makeup Looks

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Here are 3 of my favourite YouTube guru’s demonstrating 3 different bride worthy makeup looks using on trend colours for 2016.  Enjoy!

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Vicki Shares Her 8 Favourite YouTube Makeup Artists

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Vicki's Favourite YouTube Makeup Artists

For those who are ‘left-brained thinkers’ who love all things creative you must appreciate the fact there are times when the creative side of your brain just freezes up.  I am naturally a left-brained thinker and every once in awhile I can feel my creatives juices slowing down.  … Continue reading →

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