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11 Beautiful Mani-Pedi Ideas For Brides

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I love a good mani/pedi!  My mani-pedi lady here in town can actually put me to sleep.  She’s amazing.

I’ve noticed some of my brides this year are really ‘glamming’ up their fingers and toes so today’s post is purely inspirational based on all the prettiness I’ve been witnessing lately.  … Continue reading →

4 Silicone Free Deep Conditioners That Are Bride Worthy

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Many brides-to-be are worried that their hair is over processed and damaged and that they won’t have healthy hair on their wedding day.  They take matters into their own hands and start using deep hair conditioners and hair masks to try and rectify their hair problems often without realizing they… Continue reading →

Your Guide To Everything Related To Choosing a Wedding Makeup Artist

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Want to know the most frequent thing I initially hear from brides-to-be?

“I’ve never hired a makeup artist before, I’m not sure what to ask or how it all works.”  

choosing a wedding makeup artist

image from

It makes sense right?  Unless you’ve been married before or have been closely… Continue reading →

7 Perfect Peach Coloured Lip Shades For The 2016 Bridal Season

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Peach coloured lip shades – Vicki’s top 7 picks for the 2016 bridal season

Most brides focus so much on their eye makeup they often neglect their lips or even worse use their regular old everyday lip shade on their wedding day.  I’m often asked what my… Continue reading →

Top 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

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Whether you’re an Indian bride looking for some bridal makeup inspriation are you’re looking to hire your Indian wedding day makeup artist, here are the top 5 Indian bridal makeup artists that I follow on Instagram. This style of makeup has been around for years and some do it better… Continue reading →

Female Face Shaving; Brides, Is It The Right Choice For You?

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This morning we’re going to chat about something that’s been around for many years!  It’s about women who shave their face.  For years now face shaving is something females have been doing in Japan and Arab countries regularly and it’s not seen as strange… Continue reading →

Wedding Gown Designer Ines Di Santo Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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If you’re living in Toronto, Canada….visit Ines Di Santo’s stunning show room.  If you aren’t in Toronto….book yourself a trip!  😛

Enjoy the beauty….

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Get That English Rose Glow on Your Wedding Day

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english rose glow

Makeup & Hair By Vicki Millar; Photography by Samantha Bauer

There are some bridal makeup looks that are truly timeless and an English rose glow is certainly a very popular look with many brides.  It’s fresh, glowy and classic.  I posted about my English bride, Pippa awhile… Continue reading →

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